Anyone else having this issue?

All of my accounts are saying I have Unclaimed Rewards under Opportunities yet when I open it up I have nothing to claim?

Screenshot 2024-05-14 015524

Screenshot 2024-05-14 015541

So like bug? its on all of my accounts.

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Yup, I’m having that issue as well.

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Yep, it’s annoying.

It’s been like that for a few days now. Just another instance of #CCPQualityCoding.


same here

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Same Here

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Hello! I’ve reported this to CCP, so now they are aware of the issue.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention! The teams are working on a fix and it should behave normally very soon (not soon™ but soon :smiley: )


love you swift <3 thank you

The teams were able to identify the underlying issue that caused this and fixed it yesterday around 19:00 UTC.



That’s quite impressive.

However … it wasn’t fixed.
The Neocom has gone back into hibernation, despite multiple rewards (from the daily “opportunities”) being available. That’s from after today’s downtime (May 16th, 2024) - before the downtime it still had the previous bug that was supposed to be fixed.

P.S. if it helps tracking the issue, my characters do not have the “Journal” button on the ribbon, by choice

Edit: I see. It only checks for out standing rewards when you log in, not during an actual session. May I suggest to make it a normal, continuous check, as that would be slightly more useful ?