Anyone got a list of all the skills and their rank, primary attribute and secondary attribute


Looking for a way to import a list of all the skills names and their relevant rank, primary attribute and secondary attribute into excel.

Anyone got a list of these/ know a easy way I can get them?


The details you’re looking for are in dgmTypeAttributes.

Skill names and IDs are in InvTypes (along with everything else)

To restrict it, you’d join in invGroups (using groupid) and restricting on categoryid (skills are all categoryid 16). you’ll probably want to restrict on published in invTypes too.

Then you’ll want:

180 primaryAttribute
181 secondaryAttribute
280 skillTimeConstant (The rank multiplier)

so something like:

coalesce(dta1.valueFloat,dta1.valueInt) skillRank, 
coalesce(dta2.valueFloat,dta2.valueInt) primaryAttribute, 
coalesce(dta3.valueFloat,dta3.valueInt) secondaryAttribute 
from invTypes
join invGroups on invTypes.groupid=invGroups.groupid and categoryid=16
join dgmTypeAttributes dta1 on dta1.typeid=invTypes.typeid and dta1.attributeid=275
join dgmTypeAttributes dta2 on dta2.typeid=invTypes.typeid and dta2.attributeid=180
join dgmTypeAttributes dta3 on dta3.typeid=invTypes.typeid and dta3.attributeid=181
where invTypes.published=1;

From the converted sde available at

(There are excel exports, but it’s not the simplest of things to pull from them)

Thank you, that has sorted my problem out and saved me a lot of time

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