Trying to Locate NPC Data

Good morning all,

New third party developer here. I’m trying to locate NPC data, such as shield, armor, and hull values. I’ve found a few NPC’s via their TypeID but it doesn’t contain the information I’m looking for. Does anyone have any hints on where to find this?

Thank you!

you need to rebuild the npc data.
you can find the attributes of the typeId, fetch the names of the attributes.

Quick question, what does the process flow of obtaining this info look like?

Which file would hold the array of attributes for the given typeId?

I tried looking in dgmAttributeTypes.yaml, etc, but am having trouble finding the correlation.

you are working with the SDE
(ESI is almost same)

find the typeid you are interested in
list its attributes from dgmTypeAttributes
find the attributes infos in dgmAttributeTypes.

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