Getting bulk type_id data (item meta level)

I am trying to get the meta level (tech1/2/etc) of various items. Lots of them.
As far as I can see ESI supports only asking about 1 item at a time.
With ~10k items on the market its going to take a while…

I have looked at the yaml dumps from:
But the typeIDs file doesnt seem to contain the item’s meta level.
The invMetaTypes file seems to be missing some types, for example the type_id=608 Atron ship or 33470- stratios.
The invMetaGroups is strange as well. It lists T1/T2 but also frigate,destroyer,cruise but not the rest of the ship types either.
So in the invMetaTypes file a t2 frigate might be listed as either group 7(frigate) or group 2(T2)

The meta level is stored in dgmTypeAttributes. (you know which attribute from dgmAttributeTypes)

It’s not great to work with, directly from the yaml, which is why I provide conversions to sql formats on


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