Eve id numbers

Is there away to find the id number of items in eve does a list exist?
basically i want the id number of scatter container found in entity just editing my overview and need this id number

do you mean item id that was known for icons? It was here https://eve-files.com/chribba/typeid.txt

but I still have a copy of that. Not in the work tho.


It’s cut down and munged a little from invTypes


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Unfortunalety I just checked and dont have txt format I had, I forgot I made excel file from it to make it into html files and then used only those htmls to see all icons. I removed the txt and excel file. :woman_facepalming:

Taken from ESI, assuming you mean the groups in /universe/groups/:

    12 "Cargo Container"
   306 "Spawn Container"
   340 "Secure Cargo Container"
   448 "Audit Log Secure Container"
   649 "Freight Container"
   952 "Mission Container"
  1162 "Container Blueprints"
  1207 "Scatter Container"
  1928 "Irregular Container"
367774 "Salvage Containers"

The scatter container is 1207.

Note, these are not the type IDs, but the group IDs and I’m assuming those are also the same as in the .yaml files of exported overviews.

How to get the names and numbers: you write a script for ESI, get the list of group IDs, then use the IDs to get all the details for each group, then filter by name and you end up with a list as the one above.

If you’re not familiar with ESI scripting then you could possibly just create a test overview with only the scatter container and export it, then take the number from the .yaml file.

Brilliant m8 just what i wanted


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