Anyone have or interested in a chat channel for musicians?

I could always join a generic musician discord but I’ve got Eve open a lot lately so why not here? :smiley:

I am a music-maker (among other things). EVE Discord has a ‘Creative’ channel, but it’s populated entirely by Artists as far as I could see; no Writers, no Musicians.

Is it that you simply want to hang out with Muso’s and chat gear, songs, etc., or do you have other ambitions for such a channel?

Music uploads go to the ‘My EVE’ sub-forum, but of course, any discussion arising from those is confined to the thread itself.

What would you like to see?

Not sure really, a chat channel was just my early hopes. Can you give me a link to the discord? :slight_smile:

Sure. I think…

EVE Creative (Discord)

I’m good at karaoke yayyyy :nerd_face:

LoL. When stations get bars, Jita will be rockin’.

Better brush up on your Björk :grinning:

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Didn’t work :frowning:

I’m just waiting for Eve to get VR support and we can hang out as our avatars in a station bar.

That’s unfortunate, but I doubt whether it’s what you’d want anyway. If you already have a Discord account and can access the EVE general channel, I’m not sure what went wrong. Perhaps it was my linking skills…

Sorry I can’t be of more help. Maybe form an alt-corp for musicians/music fans, with its own chat channel, or just create a channel anyway. Looks like a bit of work, whichever way!

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