Anyone in Foreign Service offering advice?

I’m an American male who recently turned 37 and am looking to get out into the world and do something beneficial to the international world. I’m an engineering supervisor currently and while not particularly dissatisfied with life, I want to make a positive mark. Do something useful for humanity in general.

I was an alliance mate of Sean’s and his story always inspired me. Being a diplomat seems like a significantly different career path than the one I’ve been on but I’ve been investigating ways to get out of the USA and do outreach, but I would rather have my job be my gateway. I could use advice, guidance on understanding what is possible.


The US peace corps has an accelerated program for experienced professionals - especially engineers.

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Thank you, I will look into this. Do you have any experience with the peace corps?

Not personally, no.

It all depends on how much outreach you want to do, the peace corps is one way. Then you have countless charities or red cross. I mean they are building schools, drilling wells making sure people in poorer countries have clean water.

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