CCP is hiring

Found an interesting post on r/Eve and thought it is worth sharing here as well.

(To ISD: I think this is the most suitable section as it is not directly related to EVE but CCP itself. Of course move it where it belongs as needed.)

Both roles require you to be a resident of Iceland

:psyccp: :facepalm: :upside_down_face:

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Tax wont evade itself

I for one look forward to CCP_Hilmarsoffshore joining the team

A game master without “previous experience in the field” sounds absolutely lovely. Can’t think of any instance where game masters “without experience in the field” would have caused significant issues in EVE.


they have already plenty guys without experience in the field.

I’ve tried living there, but the store closes at 6PM

( sorry for a joke probably only Brits will get )

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Not easy having a company that require very niche technical skills while the company is in a tiny country.

How will you even convince people to go live there?
I wonder if CCP will start a program of remote internship for a period of six months and then if everything goes alright then work on the paperwork so the person can immigrate there and get employed.

Maybe people who live there don’t have the sense of living in a large economy with all it’s market dynamics as we have in our countires.

Funnily enough according to the reddit comments the associate tools programmer job is a temporary one that takes six* months if I recall correctly. :thinking:

The same comments also note that such a duty (also including the GM) should be fulfillable through remote work. No expert so dunno how accurate this is but I assume it to be true.

Edit: *Actually 18 months.

besieger1 · 1 day ago
Goonswarm Federation

Anyone who works in IT will know post pandemic remote work is very much a thing these days… in my current job I can be anywhere in the UK and most of Europe with no issues at all, the Tools Programmer is also only a 18 Month contract so external interest would be pretty minimal…

White Star Lines is hiring! Hurry!


You may be surprised to know that White Star line still exists ( as Cunard White Star) …despite an, erm, certain incident…and is hiring.

But the Olympic destroying a German U-Boat was a good thing, wasnt it?

I would never work in a games industry, better to opt for ANY other serious PaaS or SaaS environment then games…



This really kills the hiring pool… Wonder if they provide relocation benefits? :thinking:

No idea but even then who would relocate to Iceland of all places. :upside_down_face:

(Remember it is permanent relocation at least for the job’s duration thus not just a fun short little trip as a tourist.)

Worth checking the comments as people discuss this option and other stuff related to this well thought out offer. :psyccp:

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In Iceland they have a dating app where they check if they are related to the individual they just had sex with…

Good luck in the hiring process, those kids sure gonna be ■■■■■■ up when they join the ranks :stuck_out_tongue:

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