Best friend of mine looking for a job in Iceland

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Hello guys!

I am writting here with a bit unusual question.
My best mate decided that he wants to change something in his life and move out of country to Iceland. He visited Iceland once and he fell in love totally. He is actively looking for work there but i thought that why not ask @ eve forums :slight_smile:

If you have any ideas or job offers @ Iceland it would be awesome if you could give a contact here or mail so i can forward it to my friend.

He is 25years old and hard work for him is not a problem :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading my message!


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Have your friend looked at the intraweb?, like CCP or other companies?. Many lists open positions on their web sites…

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Hey Rana!

he is looking for basically any kind of job, not only related to CCP or other companies.
Physical job also.

Known languages: english

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They accept work projects too, if you have enough money for it.!

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I have no idea how the job market is on Iceland, i hope your friend finds something he likes…

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I think he could took a job as a janitor in CCP office and spy for us. :wink:

He could talk with everyone, not being considered someone important as a janitor, someone who would leak all the things from CCP.

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