Anyone miss the old Margin Trading skill?

I really miss it… It was a super interesting mechanic and really made trade fun. It vastly changed your trading strategy once you could finally meet the requirements to train the skill, and if you chose to get a few levels in it.

ANYONE truly miss it? I HAD A BLAST making buy orders on leverage. Like… you could assess the risk and how much to lever up. I always heavily diversified amongst a couple hundred items. So i would never get margin called.

I just truly miss it because it was a great asset for small time traders to get the ball rolling and raising their income.


Only people that miss that skill are scammers that used it for fail market orders…

Margin orders and cheap taxes.

nope… i miss it… because i used it to buy in all regions stuff, a lot of stuff, but since its gone, i cant do it anymore… and someone should tell me eve is a realmarket copy, bullshitcopy is that and nothing to do with realmarkets

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