Anyone miss the old Margin Trading skill mechanic?

I really miss it… It was a super interesting mechanic and really made trade fun. It vastly changed your trading strategy once you could finally meet the requirements to train the skill, and if you chose to get a few levels in it.

ANYONE truly miss it? I HAD A BLAST making buy orders on leverage. Like… you could assess the risk and how much to lever up. I always heavily diversified amongst a couple hundred items. So i would never get margin called.

I just truly miss it because it was a great asset for small time traders to get the ball rolling and raising their income.

It led to emergent gameplay, so it had to be removed.


So much for playing the sand the way you want to.

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i do …

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Bring back the .00000000000000001 ISK game, because that was fun. Many trader tears were shed with that update, and they were delicious. I still have an Olympic-size swimming pool full of them left…


No less than 30 Jita scammers will post in this thread.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

As an apparel/skin collector, I was frequently using this skill in legit way.
I had to place buy orders across multiple high-end items not to miss them, however they are rarely dealt in the market, thus most of the escrows are literally dead in the pool. Margin trading skill allowed me to adjust escrows.
It’s sad that they deleted it and have spoiled market systems for the long-term high-end trading.

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There were other options to curb any abuse, For example any order that wasn’t covered by available funds would result in CCP,s “bank” honoring the trade and charging the issuer the amount + 10%, any remaining orders being cancelled with the funds forfeited, up to the outstanding balance, any excess resulting in a negative balance.

I enjoyed margin trading. It extended the number of places I could set up buy orders. Even though I never expected all of them to be filled at the same time, I always had the ISK to cover them. The new system didn’t really change the use of my ISK only the thrill of marketing.

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Just join a Null bloc, cry and get it changed back sure

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One of the solution to deal with margin trading scam was to make buy orders without full escrows shown in different colours from other normal orders in the market window.
We already see such function that some sort of orders ( e.g. own orders, orders within range, orders on the current set course, etc ) are shown in specific colours to be easily distinguished from the others.
The margin trading change was somewhat slapdash imo.

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