Refund SP in Margin Trading and any other skill effect alterations

As a returning player reading over the patch notes, I begin to wonder how many of the skills I have trained during my first 13 years in game have been rewritten and no longer do what I spent the time training them to do.

I think if you are going to alter the effect of a skill, you should be refunding the points that have been allocated, so that the player can decide if the change is one they are willing to swallow, or if you have gone beyond the pale.




No. Just no.

You leave, your choice. You come back, your choice.


Same as the choice to have such a stupid name.


There is literally free SP events almost all the time now. “Kill one NPC = Free SP!”

its a forum alt sweaty
Some people fall for trollbait hard, some things never change

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Im still waiting for my starbase defense managment skill to be refunded.


Margin Trading has been made actually useful under the new system. My market character just picked it up :wink:

CCP only refunds SP when they can’t find any other use for a skill. Such as the years old “learning” skills. I expect the old Starbase Defense Management skill may be refunded when control towers are finally removed. And that is dependent on a long-rumored new but smaller structure for “day trips” to replace the fast anchoring process of small towers.

Margin trading = OOO! nice item. Ill make a boat load off this in jita. *market list for 1.455b isk. Bot in jita relist same item for 1.454.99B. Enough is enough. I say burn jita to the ground. Burn jita, turn all empire into 0.0 and lets all slaughter P I R A T.

there will not be any more .01 isk moving… if you have something for 1,455,000 then the next person will have to go 1,454,000. But if you try to undercut someone, then they want to try to undercut you, that will effectively cost them more, since there is a relist cost now.

SDM still works. So why would it be refunded.

That’s not free as you had to kill a NPC to get it ; ) but it is almost free…

Until they finally phase out POSs

Well yes. And when they actually get removed then we’ll see a refund or retask to something useful.

I’m missing scoots on this topic, he said he was a station trader. Now he is hit with the nerfbat :smiley:

Not sure what someone’s perspiration has to do with anything but having a “forum alt” instantly undermines every single point you will make due to not having the stones to own what you say and feeling the need to hide who you are.


I agree,

Signed crokite processing skill.

No, ■■■■ off.


Does the skill still perform a function related to trade. If so no refund is needed.
Any trader will want the new skill anyway, so the only reason to get a refund is if you were a scammer and wanting to freely put the sp into ganking or the like.

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I am. This won’t change my behavior though.
It’s only a 1% nerf, mostly due to the Broker’s fee. Nothing else really applies to me since I don’t relist, and I’m too lazy to deal with 0.01 isk in the first place. Overall, I don’t see myself changing my behavior of this, but judging from everyone else crying about it, I’m gonna find myself with less competition.


I see no problem with the changes. Granted I don’t sit in Jita all day, but when i add stuff to market without modifying or relisting.