Anyone speak Georgian?

I just met a new player who is from Georgia who’s having trouble fitting in. He tried joining the Russian Help channel but got abused and chased out. Not a great start to the game :frowning: RL politics should stay out of the game. But I digress.

If anyone knows anyyone who speaks Georgian and would care to help this guy out, please let me know.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Georgia the state, or the country?

If the state, just tell him to add A1 sauce and it’ll be ok.
The country, no idea.

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lol, the country

Sounds like some bans are probably in order.


Bummer. I had a fun wd a long time ago against a bunch of crazy Romanian’s. They were good people. We had to chat through google translator. That was tough. I stayed in contact with those guys for about a yr till I knew they were doing ok. Best of luck to the guy! :smiley:


I totally agree that RL politics should not impinge on the game. It may be naive of me (okay, it is naive …) but I’d like to think that EVE is a bit like the United Federation of Planets/Babylon 5, in so far as we look less at where the real life person is from and more on who they are in EVE.

To hear that that a new player who happens to be from Georgia got abuse from Russian players is awful. Some people can be overly mean in EVE for reasons that are nothing to do with the actual game (nationalism, prejudice, etc) and this just leaves me feeling quite sad, both for the people they abuse, for them, and for us as a game community. No one really ‘wins’ when this kind of behaviour occurs.

For what it’s worth, as far as the rules of this forum go there’s explicitly clear guidance on this area …

1. Specifically restricted conduct.

… In order to maintain an environment where everyone is welcome … certain types of conduct are prohibited …

  • Personal Attacks …
  • Harassment …
  • Racism & Discrimination …
  • Hate Speech …

2.* *Specifically restricted content.

… In addition to this, the EVE Online forums are not for discussion of real life current affairs, news, politics or religion. Discussion should revolve around EVE Online and its community.

… which means that at least here he shouldn’t encounter that kind of hateful behaviour which, hopefully, is helpful.

As far as the EULA goes, personally, I think CCP need to amend this and take a much more proactive approach to the kinds of behaviour that would be restricted in the forum - they’ve sat on their metaphorical hands on this one for way too long.

Currently the EULA is written in a much more abstract way (quite possibly because of the involvement of lawyers whereas the forum rules have [presumably] had some community input into them …) and it simply says:

> A. Communications
… You may encounter and converse with people who are rude, offensive, belligerent, and who may use indecent, obscene, and/or threatening or harassing language while playing the Game or otherwise interacting within EVE. You may report any instances of such behavior to CCP. CCP will investigate and take such measures as CCP, in its sole judgment, determines are reasonable under the circumstances. CCP does not guarantee that you will not encounter behavior of others that you may view as insulting, demeaning, offensive, threatening or harassing. You assume all risk associated with playing the Game, and CCP assumes no responsibility for the conduct of any other players, and shall not be liable to you or any other person for their conduct.

I think it’s entirely reasonable for CCP to say that they cannot guarantee that it won’t happen and that if it does, they’re not liable (if they didn’t do this it’d open up way too much room for some fool to try to sue them) however I also think that they ought to add in a similar section of text to what’s in the forum policy so that there’s some common ground between the two documents in terms of hateful behaviour.

Put simply, and very specifically, if things like, trolling, personal attacks, harassment, doxxing, racism & discrimination, hate speech and sexism are unacceptable in the forums, why is the implication in the EULA (by the lack of any text that proscribes it …) that this is okay in the game?


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Thanks everyone for your sympathies.
He did report it to CCP and hopefully something comes of it.

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It’s up to you whether you want to share this with him, and there’s no pressure at all, but we’d be happy to offer him a place in our corp if he’s interested in (mostly high sec) mining, PI, industry and PvE and can handle English as the main language.

EVE should ultimately be about friendship¹ and it’s be nice to offer him some after what he’s been through.


1 - By this I don’t mean you have to like everybody, I mean PvP exists, right? But you ought to like some people in the game whether you’re a miner, an industrialist, a ganker, an explorer or anything else.

Lol help chats are useless af and 90% trolls and people circle jerking.

Help chats that I’m in (often rookie chat) in are mostly helpful.

Sometimes a troll tries to stir up reactions, and often they succeed in gettin reactions, which may seem like 90% is trolling. Especially when a second troll joins in. But that doesn’t mean that a large part of the chat is trolling, it’s just that the most reactions come from the troll and reactions to him.

Ignore the troll and keep answering questions - trolls stop when they feel ignored. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to pay attention to the troll or the requests for help.

Yea rookie chat was extremely helpful when I started out. English help was a little less so.

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