Why are we still allowing RU players?

So the world is sanctioning the Russian Federation. Most of Russia is poor as hell, like the vast majority, so who the hell are the Russians playing eve? Party people and their children/families most likely. Well that sounds to me like a means to hit them in something that they give two cents about.

I personally am requesting that CSM bring up the topic about Sanctioning RU players for the war in Ukraine, why should the rich Russians who are exempt from it because of having money be allowed to interact with the rest of the world when they and the people who give them the money to play the game are probably 99% behind the invasion. It is disgusting, reprehensible and well, just totally EVIL and Biased (CCPs greed) to allow them to continue.

Not that I expect anything to come of it, but CSM making a statement or CCP about how it appalls them would be a good start. Thank you and I expect hate to come my way, I am not anti-russian, I am anti-elitist russian, and no non-elitist russian has money to play eve, thats just a hard fact.


So what?

“most likely” is just another way of saying you have no actual clue who and are just making a call based on your existing prejudice and bias.


I Applaud your post and AGREE wholeheartedly. All Online games should boycott Russians. Make them play Russian games. The Russians have no business being part of the world until Russian troops are withdrawn from Ukraine and they have paid Ukraine reparations for all the destruction and death they have caused. Take a stand CCP. Surly you can due without the Russians. Right?


Hello forum

Last time they tried to sanction Russia they sanctioned us along with it.
Then some spies blew up the gas pipelines so now Europe pays 4 times the price of natural gas to the U.S and now you want to “sanction” Russian EVE players… with such track record it will be the whole Tranquility server shut down just to bother a few rich Russians…
In a nutshell: nuts idiotic and yes, hateful

Fifie disconcerted

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