Sanctions on Russia, does CCP foresee Eve Online will be affected?

This is not a discussion about real world politics, it is about real world events. When sanctions are applied that exclude Russia from the SWIFT system, will it foreseeable affect Eve Online? Will Russians be forced to play in the Chinese shard? Since Iceland will be joining in on the sanctions, will there be any other effects, such as in Fanfest?

This has gone far beyond politics, it’s now a reality which will need to be addressed, specially because of the heavy pressence of Russian players in Eve Online. These are questions that will affect major alliances and corps. Please don’t make the thread political.

If it’s going to be ignored (or if CCP jus closes the thread without addressing these points), that’s also an answer. In Eve Online, the alliances and corps that prepare generally fare better than the ones who don’t, I’m just saying.

Has the US invasion of Iraq affected the EVE Online business model in any way?
Has the conflict between Russians and Chechens or Georgians affected the EVE Online business model in any way?
Has the Russians’ long-standing stoking of the flames of war in Ukraine, with the sad story of Crimea, affected the EVE Online business model in any way?

Has any of the armed conflicts, liberation struggles, military coups that have taken place in recent years affected the reality and revenue of EVE Online?

It seems to me that… the answer is no.

So why would the current Russian invasion of Ukraine have an impact?
Business - and EVE Online is a business like any other - only cares about multiplying money. The only thing you can be sure of in this situation is that CCP will find a way to get around sanctions or other restrictions to ensure their cash flow from Russian players.

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Your theory is that only western media companies care about the biggest military invasion in Europe in 80 years? Ok…

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CCP finding a way for Russian players to get around sanctions already exists, and it’s the Chinese shard. If CCP expects to have to do this, they could facilitate some transfer of assets between shards so they lose less players during the transition, for example.

Again, that sanctions are going to be put forth is not political, it is a fact confirmed by Iceland itself. [Edit] And just to add, South Korea, where Pearl Abyss is HQ’d, will also be joining in on the sanctions. It is inevitable.

I fully support whatever side offends you the most.

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