Fluffly little kittens


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I don’t think you’ve taken a very academic approach to your study of Russians, at least regarding their merits in real life.


Did you get that idea from your white pointy hat?

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I look forward to your well-deserved IP ban, op.


Would be nice with some relevant pointers as to why they should. I’m sure there are large groups of people that do wish to destroy other peoples gaming experience. Those groups could even be more common among people of certain origin.

Are you looking for others that feel the way you feel, or are you going to share some evidence so something can be done?

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Oh boy.

Surely you jest, OP. It’s just pure coincidence that every time I encounter a mining bot fleet they are all Russian players…

Oh look, a 'murrican buying into all the baseless anti-Russia propaganda. Let’s instead ban all US IPs, that’ll bump up the average IQ nicely.


So are US citizens, or Germans, Italians, Spanish, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Brazilians, Mexicans, British and so on. :thinking:

And I argue that I had more fun in EVE when Russians were still more active and lived in Stain and Catch and Feyth, than now where US citizens and British and other low-lifes are destroying EVE with their actions.

It’s easy to tell if a player on a British IP is a bot. Offer us a nice cup of tea in local, if we don’t ask if there’s biscuits you’re fairly safe to open fire.


I met many many cool Russians playing this game. Most interactions I have had with Russians have been great. This game is full of all kinds of people, and there are some very disagreeable characters, but so far in my experience they are pretty evenly distributed across the entire cultural/geographic landscape.


sigh …just…google it, friend…

You are contradicting yourself. Decide…do you think Russians are bad or don’t you? You say both things.

It’s the most insulting phrase I’d read on forums last years. It’s much worse than all that modern ■■■■-talking about racism and xenophobia. You should delete this thread as fast as possible before CCP Falcon will arrive to work place tomorrow.

BTW, every society has its geniuses and idiots.

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1 post by OP.

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282 article. criminal codex of the Russian Federation

Actions aimed at inciting hatred or enmity, and also on humiliation of dignity of a person or group of persons on grounds of sex, race, nationality, language, origin, attitude to religion, and likewise affiliation to any social group, committed publicly or through mass media or information and telecommunications networks, including network “Internet”

Punishment: imprisonment for a term of two to five years

But there is a forum “free” country and everyone can show what he is an animal and Necrotic Valkyrie can feel safe.

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I’ve played with a few Russians. Fought and killed a few as well. Just like any other demographic, there are good, and there are bad. You don’t ban a whole community just because a portion of them are bad. Doesn’t matter what size that portion is, if you can’t judge individuals on their individual merits, then you end up punishing good people for crimes they have not committed.

The best thing CCP can do is continue judging individual behaviours on a case by case basis. As soon as you start judging entire groups of people based on the actions of a few within it, you set a precedent for you to be judged the same way.


The Russians I know in my life, both abroad and in Russia, have a deep, burning hate of criminality.

They hate few things more than some asshole harming someone else, for their own selfish gain. Life is, and has always been, hard enough for Russians without some â– â– â– â– -head making it harder.

If you in any way harm a woman, children or the elderly or otherwise act unjustly towards another person to harm them, you will have to go to hospital first before prison.

That’s also why Russian prisons are deliberately a living hell.

The sense of justice in Russians is so strong, that that is why even in EVE, if you do them wrong, they will pursue you at the exclusion of all else, till they get restitution.

Never fk with the Russians is one of the oldest memes in EVE.
Leave them alone, and they will leave you alone.


On my browser it says this thread will close after three months.

Anyone going to give me odds that it doesn’t make it that long?


Apparently it’s not true. I don’t agree with this kind of ban.
If you believe so I think you are a racist by the same logic in the same time.

A part cannot represent the whole.
And you cannot impose punishment on the whole community only because some of them use bots.

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  1. I’ve had a few good chats with Ukrainians - @madlol in Bleak Lands for example (if I remember him right)

Nice writeup except for the fact I miss facts.