350k exp is no consolation when this is what we have to deal with next to it

I’m tlaking about all your chat windows unstacking to seperate windows… and you stacking them all back up… logging off and then having them unstack again.

350k meh… keep the 350k fix your broken trash product.

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350K is a solid amount. I am grateful to CCP for it. You should change your attitude.


Nah Adrian, maybe you should understand that all you’ve got is an opinion.

You should educate yourself.

My chat windows are fine

as with many issues arising from the constant ddos…
The chat windows dividing does not affect everyone.

but if you search forums ppl are talking about it, its out there.

Why do you have 2 of the same crybaby threads?

I’ve had to restack my windows over a dozen times. Combined with sending in support tickets this amounts to a total waste of time of about 1 to 2 hours.

350k xp is peanut shells.
You can shove that 350k right up your keister ccp, along with your garbage product.

If the DDoS’ers aims are to frustrate players and make some of them leave… Then they are winning.


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Expecting a game you purchased and are subscribe to, to be playable!!

What an entitled thing to expect? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


shut up, I need those 350k sp.


I take it you “bought” this game, as in paid money for the triglavian suit. Right?

come at me fanboys, I’m only posting here because I was told to:

Hello Morgannon Marconicus, this is GM Telarusch again.

I would encourage you to consider posting your thoughts regarding the compensation on the EVE Online forums.

I also recommend that you consider highlighting your concerns to the CSM. They ensure that the voices of the EVE community are heard and you can either post on the CSM section of the forum or contact them directly.

You were given 130 hours of SPs to compensate…

And yet the inconveniences continue well past the 5 day mark.

I was simply guessing, and thus asking, because I remember that the suits can be bought with some packs. I might be wrong. You clearly are angry and you definitely are one of those fanboys yourself, or probably not anymore. Otherwise you wouldn’t be so irrationally salty.

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LOL…poor you…

Being frustrated when the product you pay money (or much time into) to stay subscribed is in a horrendous state of play ability is not irrational.

Defending your fanboy game from any criticism because you the only type of people to troll these forums… That’s irrational :rofl:

Excuse me, but he’s entitled to whining on the forums, because unlike the rest of us he was convinced that paying money for this game was a good idea.

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Poor everyone actually…
That’s why ccp gave you the 350k.

What are you stupid? :rofl:

Excuse me, but he’s entitled to whining on the forums, because unlike the rest of us he was convinced that paying money for this game was a good idea.

You can buy entertainment products and still expect to get a quality product.

It’s really not an obscure idea…
If you don’t happen to be a greasy fanboy