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The only good ways of protesting are this, and spamming people with convos and unsubbing.

See… the problem isn’t just that more and more people are getting upset. Being upset simply is not enough, because as long as people simply express their disagreement, they simply do not need to care at all. It’s about “what we do, not what we say”, remember?

They will not stop shoving this half-assedly thought out stuff down our throats, because they simply do not need to, as long as people just complain. Even when people unsub, as long as they do not do it in masses, they also do not need to care, because new people come in anyway!

The fact that they’ve increased the capabilities of Alphas tells me that they are making enough money from them, which also tells me that they will eventually go fully free to play… and when that happens, what ways of actually fighting back do we have left?

CCP is our government, and we are the stupid sheep who literally write angry letters at newspapers, while still voting for them. It’s literally like in real-life, and i can’t actually comprehend how people accept this ■■■■ even from a game’s company, especially this one.

This is EVE ONLINE. CCP managed to get rid of enough of the old player base, to prevent people from being connected to the game like we have been in the past. For those who are new enough, this connection went so deep, that things like ships out of thin air, dead space pockets with limited capacity, and especially THE PLEX VAULT would have caused riots and mass unsubbing.

I understand that this game is only a hollow shell of what it has been, and i understand that there aren’t really any devs left that are actually on our side. I understand that the masses simply do not care like we used to care, and i understand that this post will go nowhere, but…

No matter who you are, you understand that this game is something special. You understand that there is nothing like it. You understand that it’s the last big game that allows true player freedom without pretending that you’re a hero.

By looking at development, you understand that today’s CCP has a complete disconnection from the actual game and the players it needs.

You know that they’ve hired people from EA, which means you understand that they’re reaching out for the masses of players who rather play the other games, like WoW. Games most of us don’t want to play for very good reasons, and now CCP wants these people, who play these other games, to play EVE ONLINE.

By looking at the speech bubble, you understand that they do not care about us, and only care about “metrics” they believe tell them something about what people want, what people think and how people behave. These people are the people who play the other games, not us. These metrics are about the people who play the other games, not us. You understand that you’ve become an irrelevant number allowed to air grievances on the forums, which keeps you a customer, because as long as a customer can release his anger, he’s more likely to stick around.

You understand that that means they’re turning this game into a game for the other people.

You understand that CCP is cluelessly destroying EVE ONLINE, and you understand that you too will eventually simply leave, then realizing that no one actually really gave a ■■■■ about you anymore, because you’re easily replaced by some scrub who comes from WoW or any of the other shitty pseudoMMOs out there.

And one day you will understand that if we had stirred more ■■■■ up more regularly, instead of whining on the forums, we could have prevented this future from happening.

Just once i beg you, and i really beg you: Please… Flood the forums with negative threads, flood the game, lock up Jita, annoy everyone everywhere, abuse the speechbubbles, gank people, bump them and most importantly: blame CCP for it. Blame it all on CCP. Cancel your subscriptions, write bad steam reviews and blame CCP. Write negative, passive aggressive posts on gaming related websites, create blogs, videos on youtube and blame CCP.

Not even a decade ago we would have burned this game to the ground, that’s how much we loved it. We’d rather kill it, than handing it over to the masses. We’d rather forced CCP to their knees than being irrelevant numbers replacable by the next simple minded moron who needs to compensate his inadequacies with his wallet.

It is sad to see that CCP does to us what politicians do to us in the real world: They ■■■■ us and we let them.

■■■■ the bright future. No matter how much they will make the game fun again on the surface, it will be filled with people who can’t even right-click to initiate a conversation! A fact out there for everyone to see, is that you’re now officially being replaced with morons incapable of clicking the right mouse button!

TL;DR: When you need a TL;DR you don’t belong here.

You want to save EVE? ■■■■ it up until they listen!


The real reasons player population is declining
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Today I had to look-up someone under alt+e and to my surprise, on their name in the result window was a speech bubble! I was so relieved I didn’t have to go to the trouble of right-clicking. :wink:

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It’s funny, after this “update’s” mind-boggling design decisions (which are only the latest in a trend), I was thinking along similar lines, that merely complaining doesn’t achieve anything - we’ve seen this aplenty in the past year. A cliche then occurred to me: you gotta hit them where it hurts. And where’s that? The pocket, the bottom line.

ROFL - I like that! Lots!

EDIT: Now, while some players may think “so ****ing what? It’s just little icon, get over it - use it/don’t use it”, what this little icon represents is what @yellow_parasol is getting at: idiot creep, basically. It’s not just the bubble itself, it’s what it portends for the future…

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Time for #CCPdidthis

Or will CCP again write angry letters to players because they view this as harassment.

That aside: Yellow, is this really you? :thinking: Where has your positive attitude gone?

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Need to click the speech bubble to find out. :speech_balloon:

–Gadget noes de way

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I’d be more upset over their apparent lack of action against well documented bots than chat bubbles, but whatever gets the torches and pitchforks going, I guess…

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Yellow, what can we do to cheer you up, brother?

Your post here actually made me somewhat hopeful for the future of Eve. Now I feel like I want to biomass… :grimacing:

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Can I have your stuff?

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They won’t do anything because they know you autists will calm down after a while, like you did when they changed the rat icons from crosses to triangles.

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I just wanted to private message someone from their name where they typed in local, and I had to right-click on their name or go to the list and scroll. Could we add the chat bubble next to each name in chat so I don’t have to go to such trouble?

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Yellow parasol just defended the forum title of biggest and hardest post under cameo appearance.

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Hmmm, a giant wall of tears from yellow parasol, it must be a weekday…

Stop playing with that fraction of a bitcoin you bought with your allowance and get a job.

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TImes change

Anyway I’m saddened by another stupid thing they did which is screwing up expeditions by moving them to the agency and now they’re calling it a bug that didn’t show up in testing-maybe nobody tests at all and why should they as there’s no benefit in doing so.

As for the chat bubbles I barely noticed them since I use compact mode.
As far as your grievances OP remember these aren’t the same people that made the original game those people have moved on .

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Those people been moved off.

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Not all the community team were are just a bunch of clowns IMO.I’m talking about programmers and artists who started vanishing after Trinity update many years ago(the one where all the ships and stations etc got better graphics)

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I was referring to the original core Devs who been forced to leave after Seagull popped up.

And looks like Hilmar under heavy stuff and laughing all loud while reading through forums how mad people with CCP.

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The problem of incompetence doesn’t begin there it starts with Hilmar and his do it as I say or get fired approach.

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As far as I understand it most of the devs know they’re taking the game in a bad direction but being in their shoes would you lose your job or risk not being ever promoted or falling out of the bosses graces for a game’s sake?I wouldn’t