Nothingh in particular just a reminder how ineffective CCP is with his community

Just to keep the treads going not that it matter or listen we talk of the only people in history that had players actually protesting and took it as a good advert campaign.
Yes we know you don’t listen tickets are useless, responses take forever help channels are flooded so you cannot read or access anyone on chat.
EVE is like a master idea followed with all the what you shouldn’t do to a community that wants your game. It seem they see the problem the solution and shoot 180 degrees in the opposite.
There is not actual modern content nor new ideas
New players leave coz there is nothing someone can do if they don’t wait for like a year since there is nothing for newbies to do that matter…
Most important somewhere along the road you confused making a game difficult and hard to learn with ■■■■■■■ up the player experience so they have to start from scratch.
But i guess the story in how Jita started will set this mind of going against the community.

While I don’t disagree with the overall sentiment your rambling text doesn’t help in making an effective point.

Also: in b4 the lock.

I got a stream-of-consciousness rant here, who ordered a stream-of-consciousness rant?

C’mon people, someone ordered this rant, get it while it’s hot!




Depends what you’re ranting about, if its an issue that has already been answered then why would they waste time responding to you?

Don’t rant on the forums, it’s against the rules.