Ccp serisously stop use the ******* emergency hull bullsh!t ddos

it’s a shame, I’m not talking about the war !!!
But when you sell big battles “the biggest space battles” to attract new players, it’s really taking us for a jerk.
it’s been 10 years that I play.
the number of projects that fail is huge.
continue to do “business” on the player’s wallet.
I hope that soon a new game, similar to eve online, will show you the voice of reason, and recode your game into multithreaded.

currently you are not looking to improved the gaming experience, you are just looking to make isk before his dies.

we are very much thinking about it. continue not to listen to your community.

this pictures you look ccp staff in next fanfest


Yeah dammit!


Inb4 lock

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Thread closed for not being constructive.