Dear CCP Not much

Not much but hey Ill take a swing. Dear CCP It probably doesn’t mean much, but due to your recent inability to handle your own game via ddos attacks, game bugs, and general shenanigans on tranquility; it’s come to my attention that you do not really care about me as a customer but more of me as a open wallet…

Well through my own opinions I’ve decided to close my wallet for the time being. You’ll only get a subscription from me from now on.

Those of you who invest heavily into this game I would advise you to do the same. Only purchase a subscription. Hit them where it hurts the most which is people buying Plex and other pilot services.

I know I’m just a small drop in the ocean but hopefully someday I can go back to what I enjoy doing… Being a wallet warrior for a game I love


BS…just another entitled whiner complaining because their expectations are not being served at 100%…


Your premise here is flawed. CCP are not responsible for DDOS attacks, and they’ve hardened the cluster reactively. Security is an ongoing process, what works today won’t tomorrow. There’s limited preemptive work that can be done in this area beyond best practice implementations.

Complaining about bugs is asinine. There will always be bugs, and they get addressed if they’re serious enough. Important to you doesn’t necessarily mean a priority for the game or entire community, so any individual might never see their personal bugbears addressed.

I for one get value out of my investment (which is basically just a couple of subs anyway) so will continue to do so.


Me and my friend Pedro are having fun in the game.
We only log in occasionally and for short bursts, but it’s nice!

You had since 2013 to realize you’re just a walking money bag,
just like you are for every other company out there.

What you love is your primitive desire of increasing a worthless number to feed your ego.

Geh’ scheiß’n? :blush:

Games are practically free nowdays, unless you want bling or golden ammo, and what’s this “invest” in a game? Games are to waste time and fun and jollies

Investment. Noun. Expending resources in an endeavour in expectation of a worthwhile result.

In this case I invest money and time for an expectation of enjoyment.

Literally a textbook usage of the word investment.


se ya money bag o/

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sooooo… can we haz your stuffz? loot drop?

Should we expect to be reading advertisements for “I’m quitting eve” in local?

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Most likely it’s emotional investment in the OP’s case.
The game can’t feed his fragile, worthless ego anymore, so he’s leaving.

Btw, the guy you’re talking to isn’t the OP.


I’m sure that has nothing to do with the recent 3 bil lost in the abyss


You really like being a forum warrior heh? When do you have time to play this game?

Play? I thought we passed that stage a long time ago and now at the World of Eve stage where we just log in daily for freebies like World of Warships.

I to enjoy the game XD but I will not be spending another dollar past subscription fee from now on :slight_smile:

No that is completely unrelated sir.

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Nice, anything more of your personal life you wish to share publically?

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Lol I’m more salty about their handling of events and than anything else. I’m only a mediocre player :stuck_out_tongue: so I look forward to fun items when logging in :stuck_out_tongue: this sp event was not that fun :confused: and then to find I’ll be waiting a full week for an answer to this problem is just a dissappointment. So I am choosing to express my dissappointment.

Say what everyone wants I know how I enjoy and play the game. I can still do that without paying more than subscription at this point :slight_smile: so I am doing just that. I wish I didn’t though as I like spending money on Eve than any other game lol.

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they have taken NUMEROUS infrastructural changes to handle this (remember extended downtime recently?) - the most recently DDoS was shorter and less disruptive than the one from January-February (where they likewise made changes in conjunction with their upstream partners)

Now this is a new one

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Ya know I jumped in recognizing the game was no longer like the original about a year ago, it’s not bad but I do have to say I have missed much of what Eve used to offer. Still a great game though!

Not leaving. Please read. I said I would only subscribe :confused: