API check character-less account

(Ferianai) #1

Please what info you may get via API on an empty account,without any character on the account? May you find out when the account was created, if it was omega/alpha and such? If there was a characters created/deleted? Deleted character(s) name(s)?


(Inactive Seller) #2

you have not nodes for the non existent characters, only get info about expiration date but nmot fiable, paiduntil is the name i think, and somethig about niumber of logons and minutes logged

(Blacksmoke16) #3

The /account/AccountStatus.xml.aspx XML API endpoint includes data such as:

  • Creation date
  • minutes/login count
  • paid until

However, it has been deprecated and unreliable since November of 2016.

In order to see a character’s creation date you would have to query the /char/CharacterSheet.xml.aspx endpoint.

You cannot see deleted characters in any API.