Apocalyptic Bunnies is Recruting ,EU TZ

Apocalyptic Bunnies needs you

We would like to share our game/corp with others.

Primary EU TZ but US/AU would be welcome as well.

New players are welcome, and we have an active program for new-bunnie-experince, were we will take u threw the game basics and help you understand the “base” of the game.

Alphas are welcome, how ever we are primarily an industrial corp, were as Omegas are pref.

So what is bunnie life?

  • Eat rocks, mining good ores and creating a self-suffecient enviroment for members.
  • Exploration gameplay looking for sites, WH and signatures
  • PVE in all aspects
  • We are project based around construction projects, and aim to have building ques for most sub-cap. wich means members can choose to take part in longer term projects, and thus reap the long term rewards as well. likewise, we can help members build their own ships.
  • PVP optional, will by member wishes do small-gang roams for pvp fun. loosing stuff aint all that wen u’ just put another ship in the oven to be cooked.

The corp is based around the Social aspect of the game, and providining content for its members.

Now, the long term goals of the corp, is just to be what the Corp is right now. No Null sec, Wh living or Low sec moves in the horizon. Apocalyptic bunnies aim to be Hi-sec-Rock-hoarders-ship-building-social-lunatics.

There is no “attention” requirements, RL first with no complaints.

What is expected of you if u join:

  • No drama
  • have fun
  • dont be a D’k

Contact me Engelious Angelion by eve-mail in game if your intrested.

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