Task Force Apocalypse is Recruiting! Come for the Wormhole, stay for the Cookies!

The Apocalypse Lancers are Recruiting!

Part of the Hole Tanking Alliance (-HTA-), The Apocalypse Lancers are looking for more dudes!! We live in a C4 WH with a static C2 and C5, so this lends itself to all the typical ISK making means that come with living in WH.

Currently we do not have a skill cap for people looking to play with us but the ability to run a covert ops cloak is highly encouraged. We tend to worry about how you fit into the group dynamic vs how skilled you are.

We do:

PvP (Sometimes better than others) PvE (Gotta pay those bills, because rent is due) Moon Mining (Some dudes have a thing for rocks) Gas Huffing (Beats glue, just saying)

We have some infrastructure so that if mining and building is your jam you can jam to your hearts content.

We’re working on our SRP, at the moment things get covered if they explode but it’s in a kind of haphazard way and we’re working to correct that. We run a buy back program and we can freighter things if you need, tax rate is 5% which I think is ok? (I’m in Canada so it’s totally death and taxes!)

The Corp is mostly middle aged guys with families and kids, we do not have CTAs or mandatory play times. There maybe times because of commitments that people aren’t around, we are working on setting a few days a week to do Corp events to allow attempt some continuity but it’s a work in progress. We do ask that you inform us of any long absences and to be on discord while you’re playing, the game is social and way more entertaining with people to play with, and besides nothing says good time like proving them wrong, in space people can hear you scream!

We play mainly in the NA TZ skewed towards Mountain and Pacific, but a couple dudes have weird job hours so you’ll see them all over. The rest of the alliance is EU, so usually there are a couple bodies around.

If you think we might float your boat pop by the discord and say hi!

Discord: https://discord.gg/rMHrStf

When you land in the Discord Ping Vas79 or Bigga in #general.

We’re still looking for people, come say hi.

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