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Hi all, when I look at your youtube vidéos, I see a lot of what seems to be apps on the left hand side, What app should I get and why? I’m only a 5 days old noob and finished training, a lot of lvl 1 agent missions and going on to do sister of eve now. with a good destroyer well equiped. I do not know what profession yet.

So what are you must have apps and why… and noob suggestions? Oh I’m on a F2P now and Omega in a month if I last lol

Could you post a screen shot of the video you are seeing these in? It could just be how the player has arranged different windows in their EVE client.

There are some third-party apps that you can use, but mostly they are for advanced players. If you try to add some of those things too early, they will just add clutter and confusion to your interface.

My suggestion is to experiment with different layouts and windows and really learn the interface first. There are also some EULA issues with using apps to modify the EVE interface, so you have to be careful with that.

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The icon bar on the left of the screen is called the Neocom menu. Each icon can open an app. The horizontal bar symbol at the top will let you expand the menu - looks like:

Any of the icons in the expanded menu can be dragged to the main menu so the ones you use most often are always available. Some common apps like chat, inventory, people & places are normally left open and can be stacked to save space.
For example:


Note that I have Inventory and People&Places as tabs on a single window.

Don’t worry if it takes a while to figure all this out - after 5 years I’m still learning.


Thanks you great information
you do a lot sir, not little


I would answer, but I am quite nooby myself so I don’t really know

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Hi if ya all need any advice feel free to mail me. I suggest you guys look at eve flight academy Chanel on youtube

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Good advice

Happy Cake day!

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