AptirA character 2004.08.14 sale 18Bil

Very good name
2004-08-14 char

-No skills to talk about-

All rules apply
In safe space
3 remap
positive wallet
I pay transfer with card

Im in no rush, id rather wait for the right buyer

Bid 11bil
B/o 18 bil

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11b can pay asap

thank you both for your offers but not enugh.
i will let this run for almost 2 weeks before selling unless im happy with offers.




I have now figured out a b/o. Its also updated.

25 bil bid

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you cannot pay transfer fee with PLEX. only card payment.

Hum are you sure?, well if trading with plex aint working then i pay with card. :slight_smile:

Ok i heard you can, but then you must ticket CCP, and then they deal with that.

A single character transfer involves a transfer fee in form of a credit card payment of 20 EUR/USD, 17 GBP or 1199 RUB.

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26 Bil

27 bil bid

Bump …

Have to step down. retracted offer

I can pay 26 Bil now. thats before friday :smiley:

bump to top
Lowered Price to 28Bil

Ok selling to Orochimaru for a Quick sell. Awating isk and acc name.

Sry but my isk sent elsewhere. Can probably buy her under next Week