Arabic community - تجمع عربي للتواصل

الي يبغا يدخل معنا يراسلني في اللعبة

the channel should be named in Arabic when i joined EVE in 2018 i left it because there were no Arabic channel so i had to learn english before a came back to the game in 2019 , it ridiculous that a channel that is meant for arabic people is named in A non arabic language those letter should be changed to مساعدة للعرب or something similar and it should be put next to the other chat channel s on the rookie help chat just like the other language s.

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same bro

يا جماعة أنا معاكم أرسلولي مسج في اللعبة

The problem is that Arabic cant be read in the EVE chat box, therefore if you attempt to write in Arabic you’ll just write every letter by its self instead of writing a full word.

for example: if you want to write “صباح الخير” you’ll end up writing:

ر ي خ ل ا ح ا ب ص

which will turn to a mess and we wouldn’t understand.
there is not much of Arab presence in the game to add Arabic…


راسلونی فی العبه

يلي محتاج اي مساعدة باللعبة يضيفني عاللعبة

اسمك ايه باللعبة

Revo Erkkinen

عندنا قناه داخل اللعبه للتواصل راسلوني

hey bro i can speak arabic how can i join u ?

hey bro i can speak arabic how can i join u ???