Creating an Arabian community / انشاء مجتمع عربي

السلام عليكم
انا ابحث عن لاعبين عرب لانشاء مجتمع خاص بنا حتى نتمكن من فهم اللعبه ومساعده بعضنا بعض, ارجو من اللاعبين العرب الذين لديهم خبره وتجربه في هذه اللعبه مساعده اللاعبين المبتدئين وشكرا.
اذا كنت مستعدين المساعده ارجو منكم ارسال ديسكورد الخاص بكم لكي نقوم بفتح سيرفر لتسهيل التواصل اما اذا كان لديكم سيرفر خاص بالعرب فارجو منكم مشاركته معنا.

اتمنى التفاعل مع الموضوع

-رحلة امنة-



I am looking for Arab players to create our own community so that we can understand the game and help each other. I hope that Arab players who have experience and expertise in this game will help the novice players. Thank you.
If you are ready to help, please send your Discord so that we can open a server to facilitate communication. If you have a server for Arabs, please share it with us.

I hope to interact with the topic

-safe trip-

Might be a good idea to create your own Discord channel and give invites to other players. Also might help to create your own in-game chat channel as well. Lastly can create a thread in ‘Out of game Events’ sub-forum for Arabian speaking players to join.

Anyway, good luck to you…


Nope, not going there.

Good luck though.

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Sabah Alkhayri,

That is roughly my limit on Arabic language. I am not Arabian. Sadly so many people are multilingual and I am not one of them. However I will share this information with the few Arabian gamers I do know.

tatir bi’aman ya sadiqi o7

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