[ARC] Ω15 Compliance Report

The following has been filed with the Directive Enforcement Department and a copy is submitted here as part of ARC’s commitment to transparency and freedom of information:

Consolidated Cooperation and Relations Command
Directive Enforcement Department
Central Registry

Ω15 Report
Public Filing pursuant to DIR/O15.8473


This quarterly filing is made by the Arataka Research Consortium (ARC) in accordance with the requirements set by CONCORD Directive Omega One Five “Regulation, Restriction, and Control of Artificial Intelligences and Entities”.

ARC is engaged in two research projects with aspects of regulatory interest under DIR/O15.8473 to the DED authorities granted supervisory authority under that directive.

  1. Recovered trinary data repositories are being examined and used to reconstruct Sleeper software and data. Experiments of simulated code executions currently ongoing suggest with a high degree of certainty the recovery of Sleeper programs which display emergent properties allowing them to accomplish tasks in a manner exhibiting simultaneous breadth and depth in their performance.

  2. A second research project is studying methods of combining multiple independent algorithms in economic architectures to achieve an approximation of the utility of advanced systems requiring disclosure under DIR/O15.8473. In this regard the project is strictly committed to full regulatory compliance. Research presently focuses on efficient use of computational resources as the primary obstacle to success.

ARC classifies as an organization subject to Omega One Five oversight under Appendix A543 and here discloses that its research projects outlined above are in compliance with the directive and do not involve Prohibited Entities as defined in Appendix A232.

Submitted by Ibrahim Tash-Murkon, ARC


… okay … this is intriguing …

ARC’s been a little busy, I guess, my lord?



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