[ARC] Ω15 Compliance Report - Update

Consolidated Cooperation and Relations Command
Directive Enforcement Department
Central Registry

Ω15 Report - Change in Material Status
Public Filing pursuant to DIR/O15.8473


This document is submitted pursuant to filing requirements regarding material changes in research projects subject to DED oversight under CONCORD Directive Omega One Five “Regulation, Restriction, and Control of Artificial Entities” for organizations defined in Appendix A543.

Examination of and experimentation with recovered trinary data repositories (reference: ARC DIR/O15.8473 DED filing dated 08/12/119) has shown recovered Sleeper storage devices to contain software instructions that display emergent behavior during execution of an unexpected complexity given initial analysis of base data and commands.

A subset of programs of this variety exhibit robust capabilities in efficient and adaptable computation, versatility in multiple virtual environments with limited and/or changing access to simulated hardware resources, and generalized algorithmic behavior which can address multiple problem types (pattern recognition, predictive modeling, classification/regression through unsupervised learning resembling reinforcement learning, etc.).

The displayed acumen of these programs to perform such varied processes is impressive in comparison to our own current limited successes at simulated intelligent behavior which are largely non-generalized in nature and can only address individual problem types, sometimes only with rigorous definition, complex declarative programming methods, and/or resource intensive algorithms.

Current findings included, ARC believes that emergent behaviors do not exceed known Sleeper emergent systems capabilities, and that the research remains compliant with the provisions of DIR/O15.8473. ARC further believes that these software instructions do not meet the definitions outlined in Appendix A232 “Prohibited Entities”. ARC has solicited participation and oversight from Zainou Biotech, re: infomorph informatics and programming; Egonics Inc., re: cybertechnology security protocols; Society of Conscious Thought, re: neuromemetic informatics and programming.

Submitted by Ibrahim Tash-Murkon, ARC


Whats the TL:DR?


too long: didn’t read

ARC doesn’t believe that the trinary relics that they’ve recovered, contain things that would require them to stop researching them, according to CONCORD laws regarding AI stuff.

ultra tl:dr: meme worm threat exaggerated


Thank you for this report & summary. May the continued research & investigation reveal more of their technology, behaviour & possible useful applications for our own societies.


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