Jovian Meme Worm Debacle Escalates!

Shocking news from Yulai, as it has been reported that supervillain Doctor Valate has lost the Trinary Relic that she illegally obtained from the wreck of the terror suspect “The Astromancer”, following “The Astromancer’s” attack on the CONCORD-sponsored scientific mission led by Dr. Holnar Reniret

Butterfingers !

The relic has been the focus of a CONCORD investigation for several days, with agent @Oveg_Drust having enacted sanctions against Dr. Valate for refusing to hand over the artifact.

Sources close to the rogue scientist have claimed that booby-trapped containers full of “Jovian meme worms” have been placed across all the Yulai CONCORD stations, with the possibility that careless handling could let the Jovian memes escape, causing unknown effects on CONCORD information technology systems.

Sabotage !

The nature of the “Jovian meme worms” is the subject of much speculation amongst Gal-net users, with several popular social media sites experiencing disruption caused by members relentlessly posting nonsensical pseudomemetic imagery.

Sample pseudomemetic image

Memes !

More credible authorities have attempted to downplay the risk of rogue Jovian infowar technology, however some technologists have expressed concern at the unknown nature of the Trinary relics.

“Given the state that most of the devices are in, I am doubtful that anything truly dangerous has survived”, said a University of Caille cyberwar researcher.
“We don’t even know what we don’t know about these trinary data systems. They could be anything, they could be nothing.”, said a DuVolle Labs researcher.
“The Arataka Research Consortium might have the best angle on anti-memetic worm methods, if their presentation the other day is anything to go by”, said a CAS researcher.

Confusion !

Social media commentators were divided on the issue, some in favour of Dr. Valate’s actions, others condemning her as possibly having doomed the entire cluster.

“CONCORD were taking things too far if you ask me”, said a Caille city food critic.
“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence” said a University of Caille philosophy researcher. “Though, in Dr. Valate’s case it could be both. That woman is insufferable”.

Controversy !

At this time, it is unknown how CONCORD agents such as @Aux_Aliette may respond to this latest turn of events, though many people across New Eden hope this situation is resolved sooner, rather than later.

Gutter Press. News.


It is scientifically proven that memes are the DNA of the soul.

And the Jovians are putting chemicals in the water that makes Fedos smell nice! Ayyy!


I have actually made some progress in tracing the location of the artifact.


Are you using a pencil or a pen in your tracing? And how thick is the paper?


Forced memes are the worst.


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