:warning: WARNING! Drifter forces can steal corrupted trinary data! :warning:

There was an incident with what I think involved drifter forces in one of Funtanainen stations today. And yes, CONCORD knows about it and they are investigating what happened.

I was in station, standing on balcony of my CQ, and there was a platform below with control panels for cargo drones. I was watching how janitors are checking those control panels. Drones were hauling cargo to my Stratios. Bellanea Rajanir, a capsuleer and friend of mine, was inside the ship but not inside the capsule.

Suddenly I have spotted 3 blasts of light few metres from the janitors, then 3 human shaped silhouettes appeared in position of these blasts of light. I could see that those who appeared were badly mauled, discolored, human looking corpses with blackish exoskeleton upgrades around the body. Upgrades that drifters have. In some places of the corpses the flesh was missing and was replaced with black substance. There were small violet light-up spots built into their upgrades. Because of that visual clues I think they were probably drifter drones made from harvested corpses. Dead people animated using drifter technology.

Two of them had long, black rods in their hands, one had in his hands some kind of gun looking thing with short, bulky barrel. He directed it towards station janitors who in that moment stopped investigating control panels and stood in shock just few metres from them. I heard a loud, short, alternating low frequency tone paired with high pitched hiss. Then one of janitors targeted by drifter drone vanished in a blast of light. Just gone in a split of second. No blood, no gore, no body.

I was positioned above them on CQ balcony, about 30, 40 metres behind and on the left of them. I ducked behind the balcony balustrade, I think they could not see or target me. I had no weapon.
I used portable communicator and called Bellanea Rajanir, she was inside ship. I whispered in case drifter forces could hear me: “Bella, Drifters are walking in station and killing everyone. Just few metres from me. Use gecko to get rid of them.”
We had those Gecko fighters that could be operated manually by human pilot inside. Flying them was forbidden inside station for safety reasons, but I had no choice. CONCORD traffic fine is not a big deal for a capsuleer afterall.

Then I have seen the janitors trying to run in panic from the drifter drones but vanished in these blasts of light one after another in between few seconds. Then this gun wielding drifter drone walked up to the control panels and started operating them. Around one minute later cargo drone flew out from Stratios cargo bay, it had container attached. Cargo drone landed on the big landing platform positioned on the end of one of the walkways and drifter drones started walking up to the container. They opened it and took a box out from it. Two of the drifter drones attached these black, long rods they had to the box. Then the box vanished in a blast of light.

In this moment I have spotted that Bellanea Rajanir flew out of the drone bay in Gecko, unleashing salvo after salvo from the guns. She missed few times, then struck one of the drifter drones. But instead of the drifter drone splashing around in a fountain of gore, he vanished in a blast of light, similar to the one in which the drifter drones appeared. Just a second later two other drifter drones vanished in similar blasts of light, not even being shot at. Bella then waited with guns loaded, circling around the platform on low speed, in case something happens, for example more drifter drones appearing from nowhere.

Few minutes later CONCORD arrived on the scene in company of station security forces. I was informed to stay on site. They commanded Bella to land on the platform. Then investigation team arrived and started scanning the place.
They wanted to know what was inside the box that drifter forces were interested in. They scanned the cargo, comparing it with logs and found out what was in the box that vanished. It was a batch of corrupted trinary data I tried to decode on my own.
One of the station security officers revealed to us that janitors who vanished were drifting in space just outside station, dead. We were also told that Autothysian Lancers were spotted around the station while the incident was happening, they warped off just before CONCORD fast response forces arrived at the station.
Then I was informed that everything was recorded, incident will be investigated and I am free to go. They only fined Bella for unauthorized flying inside station and unauthorized activation of weaponry.

I want to warn every holder of such data that they are in danger if there are Autothysian Lancers in the system. The data can be stolen with relative ease, potentially even without alarming the owner of such data.
I think the Drifters know that we are researching the data and will try to stop the research. I don’t know if data I had was particularly valuable for them, maybe other data isn’t, but we have to be carefull!

In short: While Autothysian Lancers were positioned around the station, the drifter drone units were able to use unknown technology to appear inside station, ignoring all defences. They are interested in stealing corrupted trinary data. They are extremely dangerous!

:warning: BE VIGILANT! :warning:


Excuse me, but how do you get these corrupted trinary data in the first place?

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Well I got one from the wreck of an anti-CONCORD criminal. But the less said about that debacle the better, I think.

I think most come from anti-Drifter operations.


The data was retrieved in a form of scattered relics, they were around destroyed drifter ship I encountered in space while looking for signatures few month ago. Drifter ship was destroyed in a fight with unknown party.


I really want that micro doomsday device.


So how are they stealing if the corrupted trinary data originally belonged to them?


Relics with data were in my cargo, cargo was registered for my identificator and legally obtained as salvage, parts of destroyed unregistered ship identified as drifter vessel. I have ship logs. Drifters took the relics without my permission. :woman_shrugging:

Also, we dont know if data in relics belonged to drifters in the first place. Maybe its some data drifters stole from somewhere, maybe from us, or Sleepers, or Talocans. I could not decode it, so dont know what was there and what is origin of the data.


This reads like an idea for a bad movie.

I am sceptical.



They are dumb. So dumb.


I dont know why they did not attack me, I think maybe they thought i am not dangerous as I had no weapon. Janitors were down there and could cause some problems. I was too far away from them to stop them. Maybe the weapon they had was fairly short ranged, I dont know. They for sure had informations about the place, they choose the right moment, knew how to operate control panels and knew they had limited time.

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I’m with her. Until I hear from this from a more established source, this is a bit eeehh…


I think that CONCORD together with station security would rather try to downplay that incident, remember, they could not protect those janitors, they could do nothing. But hey, that is not a news for capsuleers, right? Since when CONCORD was competent enough to deal with drifters invading stations? I think its the first time something like that happened and they feel bamboozled, drowning now in paperwork and reports.


Well, by established source I mean The Scope, or a statement from the affected parties through The Scope. CONCORD even, though yes they are known to suppress information.

But, I think you are also accentuating the wrong thing here. Who gives a flying ■■■■ about corrupted trinary data when Drifters can, as per your report, apparently teleport wherever they please?


I don’t know if they can teleport everywhere. We should be carefull tho. Temporarily unsecured cargo, for example loaded to ship, can be in danger of retrieval by drifter parties. Just like it was in this incident.

Clearly their intentions were to retrieve the data, nothing else.


Also, this sounds like a thief complaining about getting robbed. Let’s assume that since it was found in former Drifter possession, that they also previously owned it. You, or someone else took them, and they apparently are willing to kill bystanders to get them back. So, looks like your cargo identifiers and rights to salvage aren’t recognized by the Drifters, much like you probably ignored or didn’t understand their claims of ownership.
Frankly, this how capsuleers think too - if it is not bolted down, and usually even if it is, if they found it, they consider it theirs - heck, you maintain you are the rightful owner of these things even if you have no idea what they are or where they came from.

Except this time you’re tangling with entities that aren’t bound by or recognize any CONCORD laws, and have the means to forcefully retrieve what was taken from them.


The thing that makes me go :thinking: is that there are thousands of corrupted trinary relics floating around the capsuleer community, but the Drifters apparently decided to show off several as-of-yet unrevealed technologies, kill several people, and generally cause a huge ruckus, all for a single relic?

Which conveniently only has two “surviving” witnesses? And is being reported by those witnesses? And basically has no convincing evidence of any of this having ever actually happened?

It just reeks of a hoax.

Next you’ll be trying to persuade us the cluster is flat and the Drifters live on the bottom.


But how do you know this isn’t true… :thinking:


The Spire exists :rofl:


I just talked with CONCORD, now they state they dont know anything about drifters in any station, only that there was a trash compactor incident and few janitors died.

I think nobody will ever believe me now. :confused:


Got it in one