Universal Timebase Measurement Research

At the end of the trip from Yulai to Luminaire, Lorienne Nesif and Holnar Reniret were attacked by three pilots while sitting at the customs office over Gallente Prime, The Astromancer in a Talos and Nheil Kharan and Therik Mot in Algos. They were quickly destroyed by the capsuleer fleets present Shortly after, 5 Lancers and Artemis Tyrannos landed, the Lancers at 0 and Artemis Tyrannos at 100km. Nesif and Reniret left shortly after and the Artemis warped to the Caldari Monument in system(Where it still is as I type this). Ten to twenty minutes later, Apollo Tyrannos arrived. Neither are hostile so far. The Talos had a Corrupted Trinery Relic in its hold, however I’m not sure if it was recovered. Nesif and Reniret asked for anything taken from the wrecks.

Ship names:
Therik Mot - Member of Algintal Core for 2 years, 8 months, 11 days. Former member of Amarr Navy for 7425 days - Flying an Algos - Ship name: ACS Clockwork I

Nheil Kharan - Member of Algintal Core for 2 years and 5 days. Former member for Archangels for 7608 days - Flying an Algos - Ship name: ACS Clockwork II

The Astromancer - Member of Vherokior Tribe for 47 years, 8 months, 9 days - Flying a Talos - Ship name: DLS Human Horology

Horology is the science of measuring time. If you were wondering.

Heavily trimmed local chatter. It begins at the attack, the trip was uneventful.

[ 2018.01.06 21:13:16 ] The Astromancer > Well well, CONCORD finally made it with their ancient trinkets. Are you really going through with your useless efforts, doc?
[ 2018.01.06 21:13:37 ] Holnar Reniret > Mr… The Astromancer … why are you target-locking us? You are disrupting the measurements.
[ 2018.01.06 21:13:43 ] The Astromancer > I guess we’ll just have to show how broken this system you so desperately cling to is.
[ 2018.01.06 21:13:52 ] Holnar Reniret > WHAT THE… WE ARE BEING ATTACKED!!!
[ 2018.01.06 21:13:54 ] Lorienne Nesif > The Astromancer Cease your target lock.
[ 2018.01.06 21:14:09 ] Lorienne Nesif > What are you doing? Hold your fire! This is a scientific mission! Capsuleers, please help us!
[ 2018.01.06 21:14:10 ] Holnar Reniret > NO, PLEASE, STOP!! CAPSULEER, HELP US!!
[ 2018.01.06 21:14:13 ] Therik Mot > I wish I could tell you that you’ve got all the time in the world to regret the choices CONCORD made, but you don’t.
[ 2018.01.06 21:14:14 ] Holnar Reniret > OH GEEZ
[ 2018.01.06 21:14:20 ] Holnar Reniret > I DON’T WANT TO DIE!
[ 2018.01.06 21:15:12 ] Lorienne Nesif > Oh dear. Doctor, are you alright?
[ 2018.01.06 21:15:27 ] Holnar Reniret > I… I…
[ 2018.01.06 21:15:33 ] Holnar Reniret > I… don’t know
[ 2018.01.06 21:15:37 ] Holnar Reniret > are they gone?
[ 2018.01.06 21:15:40 ] Lorienne Nesif > Thank you, capsuleers, for your aid.
[ 2018.01.06 21:16:04 ] Lorienne Nesif > This was a peaceful research mission. Why would they attack? What is there to gain?
[ 2018.01.06 21:16:08 ] Holnar Reniret > oh geez, I always thought you were all a bunch of murderous monsters… but… but you saved my life!
[ 2018.01.06 21:16:16 ] Holnar Reniret > I don’t know
[ 2018.01.06 21:17:08 ] Lorienne Nesif > Doctor, I believe we may need to delay the experiments, for the sake of security.
[ 2018.01.06 21:17:18 ] Holnar Reniret > I… I think you might be right…
[ 2018.01.06 21:17:29 ] Holnar Reniret > Ok. Uff. Ahem. Right.
[ 2018.01.06 21:17:41 ] Lorienne Nesif > Hm.
[ 2018.01.06 21:18:00 ] Holnar Reniret > Mark726 the exact nature is far too technical, but we were simply making advanced measurements of time using new technology.
[ 2018.01.06 21:18:01 ] Lorienne Nesif > You did seem to handle them well. Oh dear, and there are a lot of you out there, I see.
[ 2018.01.06 21:19:30 ] Holnar Reniret > Mark726 as I stated before, to enhance our time measurements capability as a space civilization
Lancers arrived at 1000km, left shortly after.
[ 2018.01.06 21:20:00 ] Holnar Reniret > ok, the captain of the ship has reported that we took some damage, and my team is telling me our equipment has been damaged too
[ 2018.01.06 21:20:00 ] Lorienne Nesif > Capsuleers, if you any of you recovered any kind of hardware or ejected crew from those warships, please send them to CONCORD. Maybe we can learn something of them.
[ 2018.01.06 21:20:19 ] Lorienne Nesif > Oh no!
[ 2018.01.06 21:20:45 ] Holnar Reniret > I… I think it would be wise, also for my nerves, to go ahead and dock to the Duvolle station as we were planned to do
Lancers arrived at 0
[ 2018.01.06 21:21:17 ] Lorienne Nesif > They may be here to study our… studies.
[ 2018.01.06 21:21:24 ] Lorienne Nesif > Ahem.
[ 2018.01.06 21:21:35 ] Lorienne Nesif > Uh, well. Doctor, you believe we should abort?
[ 2018.01.06 21:21:51 ] Lorienne Nesif > Your equipment cannot be repaired in flight?
Artemis Tyrannos arrives at 100km, warps away after around 20-30 seconds
[ 2018.01.06 21:22:10 ] Holnar Reniret > definitely not
[ 2018.01.06 21:22:34 ] Lorienne Nesif > Very well. We will withdraw for now. Thank you capsuleers for joining us, and your assistance.
[ 2018.01.06 21:22:47 ] Holnar Reniret > Ahem. Yes. I would like to thank you again too.
[ 2018.01.06 21:22:50 ] Lorienne Nesif > It is too bad there are some in this cluster who seem to have an issue with science.
[ 2018.01.06 21:23:04 ] Holnar Reniret > And also I would like to apologise for calling you murderous monsters. That was… Rude of me.
Artemis moves to Caldari Monument
[ 2018.01.06 21:23:49 ] Holnar Reniret > Khaprice thank you for your assistance
[ 2018.01.06 21:24:02 ] Holnar Reniret > Arrendis ahem, thanks. I’ll… Keep that in mind.
[ 2018.01.06 21:24:36 ] Lorienne Nesif > Thank you again for joining us, capsuleers. I apologize that things did not go to plan. We will be ending communications now. Oh dear, I must make a report about this…
[ 2018.01.06 21:25:12 ] Holnar Reniret > Lorienne Nesif you worry about your report? If they damaged my experiment I will need to redo all calculations!
[ 2018.01.06 21:26:07 ] Lorienne Nesif > Well yes, but consider the larger implications, doctor. If someone attacked, they may attack again. The DED will need to investigate this before you can try again.
[ 2018.01.06 21:26:22 ] Holnar Reniret > Uff… Alright…
[ 2018.01.06 21:26:30 ] Holnar Reniret > Well… I will have to go checking on my team. Thank you again capsuleers.
[ 2018.01.06 21:26:37 ] Lorienne Nesif > We will, as always, put the call for capsuleers when your services are welcome, Naava Edios
[ 2018.01.06 21:26:44 ] Lorienne Nesif > Good evening, everyone.
Apollo Tyrannos arrives at the monument shortly after. Multiple sets of five Lancers periodically moves around. Confirmed 15, might have been more.

CONCORD response.

Looks like that’s it for now.


The Astromancer is an interesting one - his name is super close to that of the “Astrologer”, the head of the 25ers from far back and the person responsible for CONCORD relaxing pilot licences enough for the public to even fly in the first place.

The Corrupt Trinary Relics, though…

Those were warned about by the CDIA during the Warzone contract, and they’re specifically super interesting in this context: “Those trinary relics are undoubtedly extremely dangerous in the wrong hands, possible vectors of colonizing neuromemetic worms or other coercive infowar technologies”

The fact that these people showed up and attacked, with the Relics aboard their ships, and were followed by Lancers and even an Artemis-piloted Drifter Battleship (all of which were completely passive in their interactions) might have some serious implications and provings of what the CDIA warned of.


So do you think CONCORD is going to ask for those relic thingies ?


Most unfortunate… It is ever surprising what human beings will fight over. Time-keeping, of all things. I believe today I have gained another reason to be cynical toward humanity. The fear displayed in Reniret during the attack is pitiful… Still, it is good that Reniret and Nesif made it out in tact. I sincerely hope they are more successful in their future endeavors.


It’s worth noting that while The Astromancer is a member of the Vherokior Tribe, Misters Kharan and Mot are both members of the Algintal Core, a corporation nominally specializing in Rogue Drone research.

I should point out, of course, that I highly doubt that there was any official sanction by either the Tribe or Algintal Core, but it’s an interesting mix of third parties nonetheless.


An ARC Hive operations fleet routed to Luminaire after concluding its scheduled operation, and dealt with the Apollo and Artemis.


Is that what happened to them? I swear, I look away for a few minutes to deal with a staff meeting, and miss something…


Honestly, there wasn’t much to miss. While the Drifters certainly possessed their overshield, their Doomsdays didn’t fire. No idea what that’s about.




The DLS ship was clearly taken from DuVolle Labs, I’d say. Because of it’s DLS name.

Weird name for a DuVolle Labs ship though, no ?


So, after taking the time to read over the logs prior to the engagement, I noticed something peculiar…

Lorienne Nesif
Yes, there are some beliefs they are from Earth.

Despite my best efforts, I have found nothing in the star maps referring to anything such as “Earth”… Perhaps they meant that it came from someone, rather than some thing?


It’s a commonly presented idea, as the place where our progenitors might have come from.


It would explain far too much if it turns out our progenitors were so dull-witted that they named their home “derp” or “erp” or “dirt” or whatever.

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Well. That’s interesting.

Let’s not get too hung up on mythology, though. More important is the strangeness of a possibly 25er-aligned terrorist attacking a CONCORD functionary for-- taking measurements?

The presence of Drifters and a CTR are also rather odd.

The corpse of the Astromancer was secured by PNS pilot Alen Asques, and ARC has negotiated access for autopsy and implant analysis to rule out any sort of neuromemetic contamination, per the CDIA concerns.


“Earth” is one of the planets that occur in some of the theories about mythic planets that lie on “The Other Side Of The Eve Gate”

Along with other planets including “Gaia”, “Terra”, “Tau Ceti”, “Soekhiviti”, “Cueball”, “Alpha Centauri”, “Europa”, “Acheron”, “Ceres”, “Niburu”, “Midgard”, and “Kerbin”.

Only Soekhiviti has much in the way of factual evidence supporting its existence, some archaic commentaries of The Scriptures claim it to be the name of the Old World, that the Amarr religion knows the Amarr people came from.


Fascinating, I remember a theory that the weapon that Jamyl Saraum used against the Elder fleet was of Terran origin.


Did they fire at all?

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They fired when attacked I believe, but not otherwise.


I decide to take a few days down, and interesting things happen. I am glad that the scientific team is alright, at the very least.


Hmm… maybe the attackers wanted to cover something up? Like… something that the scientists were about to discover with their new measurements? And the Lancers and Drifters also knew something about that? Just speculative questions, but I think it is worth asking them.

So, maybe it will be wise to make the time measurements sooner… I hope Dr. Reniret’s equipment gets repaired soon and the calculations complete in a timely manner.