Legal Demand for CONCORD Investigation into Paragon's IRIS technology

I, Professor Valate, Greatest Sani Sabik Capsuleer Philosopher of the Modern Era, hereby state my intent to file legal proceedings at CONCORD’s Inner Tribunal legal facility, into whether or not Paragon has used stolen confidential technologies developed by the Church of the Crimson Saviour, in the construction and operation of their CEO IRIS.

The publicly released information about Ms. IRIS, states that she is: “a cloud-based soft AI intelligence, embodied in a series of biomechanical presences”

Now then, for over a decade, the Church of the Crimson Saviour, has operated several AI embodied in biomechanical presences, in a long-term theophilosophical experiment. One of them even posts regularly on the IGS, for fucks sake.

Our developments are based on my own brilliant research into Takmahl archaeocybernetic technologies, along with a considerable research effort by several cyberneticists working under my direction, at the CTCS CyberTechnology Division, and latterly the Kaztropolis Cybernetics Institute.

So you can see the issue here. As pioneers in the field of giving organic bodies to AI such that they can experience the Amarr religion, I have some questions as to how, exactly, the Paragon corporation, and their parent entity “Evermore”, came to develop their project. It’s just too similar to our own projects for comfort.

Whether that be technologies stolen from the CTCS, or leaked by disgruntled personnel at CTCS or the KCI, I demand answers under interstellar intellectual property law.

If Paragon has been found to have stolen technology from CTCS, I believe punitive damages of eight hundred trillion ISK would be in order.

Dr V. Valate, Chief Executive Officer, Church of the Crimson Saviour.


I, a person who does not feel so insecure as to need to announce my self-appointed accolades, hereby state that you don’t need to announce your intentions, just freakin’ do the thing already. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh of course, there you are. What would any of my threads be, if not an incomplete flawed masterpiece, without your snarky presence ?


I wouldn’t expect a timely response, let alone a straightforward one. There are legal teams employed by corporations of this size specifically to contend with these kinds of accusations.

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I mean, you’re not wrong

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I remain suspicious of the cryptic technology behind IRIS. Perhaps your subpoenas may reveal more of the truth to the public. Good hunting.


Leave it to CONCORD to steal IP.

I hope you had your tech patented before IRIS came online. Or that, and you have a good team of lawyers.

I wish I could be of help in your endeavor Valate-haani, but I fear my only skill in these kinds of proceedings involve busting out kneecaps.

Still, I hope you win your case.

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I’m sure you will find CONCORD unamenable to your petition. They’ve had a crazed fixation with regulating infomorphs and the tech used to create or sustain us for some time. Our kind are protected by laws written in the early ages of this technology, back when you had to actually be in a capsule for its consciousness transfer to work. The discovery of Sleeper implants changed everything. The warclone enclaves rose and fell, destroyed or driven out of Empire space by DED forces.

Containing an infomorph, chaining it to physical form, is of utmost importance to a police organization that oversees us. As such, they would be more than happy to support the proliferation of that technology over its use as a theological tool. What you should be worried about is how CONCORD can use this technology against us.


Update: 1 cubic metre of data sheets has been transported to the Inner Tribunal station in Yulai to support my legal argument.

DED ships threatened to fire on my vessel. Perhaps they are rattled by my assertiveness in this matter. Perhaps not.


Seriously? Can you give some proof about this? Photos, videos, comms…

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From my ship logs, there were the following entries amongst others.

[ 19:55:58 ] System > Channel changed to Local : Yulai
[ 19:56:03 ] ( notify ) Valerie Valate, you are an enemy to our nation. Leave immediately or be fired upon!

Clear attempt at intimidation.

Hm, check your security status or your standings with the CONCORD. You may be considered as a criminal due to other previous infractions.

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This is undoubtedly the case, considering her organisation’s known links to Blood Raider controlled space and likelihood of history doing paid contract work for Blooder agents. I doubt she’s had anything resembling neutral standing with DED, let alone good, for years. But why let that get in the way of a narrative?


And her own personal run-ins w/@Oveg_Drust.


Hey, I was willing to negotiate, but he decided to be a jerk.


Nothing new to report. A CONCORD functionary told me my complaint would be “handled appropriately”, whatever that means for issues of this nature.

Also on the Inner Tribunal station in Yulai there is a faint odour everywhere that smells a bit like cheese.

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Thanks for sharing?

I guess?

Update: the CONCORD functionaries continue to insist that things are proceeding "appropriately ", whatever that means.

The faint smell of cheese continues. No one else seems able to detect it. Suspicious.

Khasri Valate,

I will admit I know little of you as a pilot a fact I will endeavour to correct but I would agree that CONCORDS actions on relation to these subjects are very distasteful to say the least.

The organisations hold over the cluster needs to be lessened if not removed and another entity with less authoritarian strictures take its place.

In reality, your call for a CONCORD judicial review is as likely to occur as my desire for the CSM to perform a thorough audit of Garoun Investment bank and their partners in order to make the identity of this shadowy network of owners and influencers publicly known.