An appeal to the SoCT Office of the Elder Mentor, concerning Semiki

This message was relayed to the Society of conscious Thought yesterday, with the intention of at the very least garnering the attention of the fifth point of the star - and at most, producing results. For the public record, it is now being posted to the Intergalactic Summit.

// To the Office of the Elder Mentor

Doubtlessly, the Society is aware of the current situation in Semiki. The assessment of the adaptive virus appearance and spreading aboard the system’s Aliastra Warehouse led to a scramble for research material which might assist in understanding this rogue drone-based virus, the list of which included Triglavian trinary datastreams.

At this point in time, interest in the situation increased within many circles, not least of within all those involved with Triglavian and precursor research. However, shortly after ARC completed primary collection efforts, SARO Command Liason Oveg Drust made demands that the organization surrender its stockpile of datastreams - now numbering over 20,000 - to his person under the governing directive of the Case Red Gamma taskforce, by 20:00 tomorrow. From his quite vague explanation, it appears the DED fears the possibility of a CRG A, B, or AB-designated event as a consequence of the stockpile - assumed by many to refer to Drifter, Triglavian, or simultaneous action involving both parties.

Other factors have fallen under deeper suspicion in relation to this

  1. The involvement of “Navka” Rogue Drones with the Collective: their apparent role in their operations is concerning in relation to this rogue-based virus and the apparent relevancy of Triglavian datastreams, not to mention suspicions that the onset of Rogue Swarm alerts may be related to their Abyssal cousins.

  2. The Triglavian memetic worm that granted frigates access to the Abyss and cruisers access to “Proving” arenas.

  3. The Astromancer Affair, taking place during DED experiments that were doubtlessly connected to later-revealed Abyssal research: this involved a capsuleer of the same name attacking a research convoy - with his wreck containing a trinary datastream. Following his appearance, a lone Tyrannos vessel appeared but was only observed to drift and watch as the experiment was successfully concluded. The Astromancer’s corpse was forcefully claimed by SARO, and the datastream itself remains in private hands. Combining this with fears of Triglavian suborning (or perhaps sobornost?) of capsuleers by delving too deep, and the capture of an 81-TTC Cladeship, dismissing suspicions that the affair may have involved the Collective in response to CONCORD’s actions would take willful ignorance.

  4. The details of Dr. Hilen Tukoss’s final broadcast - following this message, he was disavowed by his parent corporation and became a “citizen of nowhere”, with no rights. When his body was discovered, CONCORD aggressively moved to collect his remains - allowing Eifyr to immediately execute his will upon its surrender. And four months later, Eifyr joined in founding the Upwell Consortium, which quickly began marketing novel products previously far out of the reach of capsuleers to the masses - carrying a mission statement echoing a quotation from the Dom’Ryustni cycle.

In advance of whatever may occur tomorrow, this appeal is hereby submitted to the Society of Conscious Thought on the behalf of my passionate associates, as well as my own person.

Since its induction into CONCORD, the Society has become as silent to us all as the Third Empire itself once was. Considering the emergence of the Vigilant Tyrannos and the appearance of the Collective with which they are embroiled in bitter conflict, and the impassioned research and actions taken by capsuleers in regards to either group, any new information provided to independent capsuleer organizations might prove to affect events as they unfold. Given the Society’s history of celebrating capsuleerdom, one might hope that the sentiment has not been stifled following its taking-up of the Directorate’s mantle.

This appeal is for the willing imparting of any possible precursor information to the public, and for the Society to present a representative during tomorrow’s events. As likely as it is that this plea will go unanswered, it is being made. Too much knowledge of our precursors - and of our future - remains a mystery: and we must never cease to strive for its revelation.

In hope and in good faith,
Uriel Anteovnuecci
Alumni, Archaeotech, Database Analyst


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