[ARC] Large and Heavily Damaged Drifter Fleet Encountered in Hive Complex

The third group of the day in Evuldgenzo has been taken care of. If you hear of or see any other Drifter fleets, feel free to pass that information on to us.


Strange happenings are underway, though today’s strangeness is likely a mere harbinger of further things to come. Today’s encounters were the first in which Drifters have left new materials behind in their wreckage, and what’s to be found within them may prove to be as interesting as it is strange.


As always, the work is on-going, and there appears to be further data we’ve not yet collected. One of the initial segments of footage recovered from this vault is appendedin this archival.

I would like to note the tireless work of the pilots involved in this operation, whether it was in assisting in the transport of material, in the retrieval of assets from the field, or indeed fighting on the field.

It would appear, whatever else occurs, that we have honed our expertise with trinary symbology to a fine point. The implications are clear enough, and further efforts to attempt to initiate communication may follow.


If a communication can indeed be successfully transmitted using this knowledge, perhaps there is a chance - however remote - that a de-escalation in our current conflict with the Drifters can occur.

I believe it more likely that we will simply be able to learn more about their motives, however, and naught much else.

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Stop the video at 46 seconds

What in divinity’s edge…Is that


Good catch Mr. Yaken… what IS that? Some sort of ship?

We honestly have no clue whatsoever - it’s quite an ominous presence, that’s for certain. Though that ball in the middle of it reminds me of another bit of footage given to us not-so-long ago…

Could they be related?



That, if anyone’s wondering, is at that timestamp. 'ello there buddy!


Spooky. :alien:

Any ideas yet on what those things are ? Or what their agenda is ?

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These little video snippets do demonstrate one thing. Whoever is releasing them is filling them with artificial artifacting and degradation… and poorly at that.

Sounds ridiculous, but it’s almost as if someone’s trying to drip feed something dramatic in order to keep interests and attention at the ready without actually giving anything interesting out.

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Yes, I am fairly certain they stuff their ships with artifacted, low-res surveillance footage, set them on fire and send hurtling at a rapid pace through Empire Space.


That’s just it. It’s demonstrably not low-res. It’s poorly turned low-res and artifacted, which makes the whole thing weird. I know of no process that can degrade footage that way “naturally”.

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To give a summary of the communication attempts:

The Isanamo communication attempt:

Capsuleers involved: Jandice Ymladris & Stig Elendil
We used a wide variety of objects in an attempt to get their attention, often jettisoning them in the hopes of a Drifter response. Science teams aboard our ships kept close track of any possible oddity.

The items used were:
Unknown Sequence
Capsuleer corpses
Corrupted Trinary Relics
Ancient Coordinates Database
Neural Network Analyzers
Sleeper Data Libraries
Antitykhera Element
Redoubt Element
Takhmal Relic Holy Statue
Thukker Loot

The items were flown in one by one with no response form the Drifters, not even when we carried capsuleer corpses. Combination of the items did not provoke a response either.
The only thing that occurred was their ever vigilant scanning and even that was not out the ordinary, no special focus or negligence.

The Evuldgenzo attempt

Capsuleers Uhnboy Ghost & Stig Elendil attempted communication once again at this encounter. Uuhnboy Ghost tried to provoke a response by buzzing various Drifter ships, allowing him to inspect them very closely.
Meanwhile, Stig Elendil attempted light-based communications hailing various ships.
Sadly neither got any response from the Drifters.

Considering Drifter activity in the past, ARC proceeded to remove them forcibly from known space.
You can read about the 3 Drifter encounters here:
Multiple Drifter fleets sighted on a single day!
Do note that the first fleet was destroyed by an unrelated capsuleer fleet & no attempts at communication nor research could be done.
The two subsequent sightings saw the communication attempts before the forced removal of the Drifters.

As noted above, salvaging the Drifter wrecks yielded a previous undiscovered artifact, the Corrupted Trinary Vault, containing the mysterious footage linked above.
To this day, we do not know what drives the Drifters to appear in damaged fleets in our space, nor who did this to them. But until we can communicate with the Drifters, we cannot take chances sadly, as they are simply too powerful to let them roam unopposed in such numbers.


They routinely get blown to bits by a smattering of suicide destroyers. How exactly does this qualify as ‘powerful’? And honestly, I still wonder just who’s caused the most loss of life so far, the suicidal destroyers or the Drifters?


The Drifters obviously.
Over two years ago, when the Drifters attacked without warning, they not only destroyed various SoE installations but also destroyed capital ships & titans form the 4 navies.
The loss of life from our side pales in comparison to that.

You might like taking chances with a force that doesn’t mind blowing up Titans to get to a SoE installation, but I’m not so inclined. The safety of my people is above the safety of these Drifters.
And because invariably proof will be asked:
A wrecked Erebus Titan after the initial Drifter assault on the Big 4 when Alpha clone technology has been revealed
The relevant World News article: Drifter attacks on research facilities across New Eden

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You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t really see much similarity between strikes against military and RnD facilities, and these gate-scanning fleets. Time and time again, it’s demonstrated that they are largely harmless and destroyed by small groups of destroyers thrown at them. Doesn’t exactly seem like they’re very dangerous when that’s the case, does it?

The questions that never seems to get asked or investigated, “What the hell did the Empire and SoE do to piss them off? What did they do to cause this situation?” remains unanswered and without investigation, for some odd reason. It’s almost as if people are trying to purposely distract from that, in favor of unmitigated aggression.

Something was done at those facilities, and by the Empire, that caused these Drifters to perform high power surgical strikes against the facilities and even Jammies herself and since then they’ve pretty much been harmless. Why isn’t figuring that angle out a bit more focused upon? Facilities across the nations, involving the Navies, the SoE, etc etc. There must be paper trails and investigation opportunities for years there.

I mean, it doesn’t provide the shiny spectacle of throwing sacrificial crews at the Drifters who’re being harmless of course, but I wasn’t aware “flashy reporting” was the main objective here.


Huurrrgghhh I’m a minmatar who assume the capsules media player has all the codecs to 110% accurately play video clips encoded by who knows what equipment, at some unknown time in the past, stored in who knows what medium, from spirits knows where.



So negative you cancel out all the positivity in the universe.

Elders turn up, rescue all the Minmatar from the Empire and put a force wall round the Amarr to prevent them reclaiming anything ever again, and give every Minmatar a never ending drinking horn of orange juice, and you’d whine about how it wasn’t lemon-lime.



I so hate this comm software

Totally harmless, they’re totally not killing people in the graduation systems right now. nope, not at all. Those recently graduated capsuleers? they sure had it coming. their crew too, Yes, totally.

This might be an alien concept to you, but if a nation has attacked in the past & continues to show aggressive behaviour in someone else territorry, you don’t get a free pass when you show up with damaged ships somewhere else.
If you doubt the above statement, visit any of the graduation systems, ask around, or even better, start scanning for wreckage. you could find survivors from Drifter attacks!
This has been going on since that attack on the 4 nations, just not on a large scale, but more harassment & focused on the Sisters, who don’t mind recruiting capsuleers for their task.
Sisters are doing shady things we know. Amarr too. Even the minmatar are involved.
Gallente & Caldari far less, so far nothing between Caldari/Gallente & wormholes has come up. yet the DRifters keep visiting us with their fleets & they keep showing up in systems close to Jita, the economic heart of the capsuleer market.
So don’t be surprised you get shot when you shot at us in the past & never made attempts for amends.

Keep in mind when the attack on the 4 happened, the navies did not know it was focused on the sister isntallations, as the only precedent we had back then was the continued Drifter attack on Amarr. So the crews lost on the destroyed navy ships died defending their nation, not defending the Sister isntallations, as they simply did not know & the Drifters didn’t care to inform them, just blasted these defenders apart for the crime of defending their home.

We don’t know, & we all love to know. We’ve been poking the sisters over & over (most recently several inquiries by various capsuleers were made at the Sister representative regarding the continuous Sister/Drifter clashes in the graduation systems: no response)
In short: we try, but nothing comes forward, Sisters aren’t telling, just warning us ‘drifters are a threat’ and Drifters got a crack team of professional ignorers on their comms, not bothering for a moment to dissuade the notion that they are a threat. they actually enforce it, by striking without warning, destroying entire fleets & withdraw.
No comms, nothing, just silence.
We know sisters are shady. We know Amarr aren’t being honest about their WH research, same for the Minmatar who are also poking deep into Anoikis, just with less exposure then Amarr.
Caldari & gGllente so far haven’t done much that goes beyond what capsuleers do.

It’s the alpha clone technology provided by the Sisters to the empire, the result of research done on Drifter clones that triggered their initial attack. But at the time nobody really knew, till the strike was over and all those poeple died trying to defend their nation, because previously the only other large scale Drifter attack left the military infrastructure & fleets of Amarr in ruin.
Anyone taking chances that they’re not going to attack you after such display of power is playing some very risky games.
The attacks on those Sister facilities by Drifters is still ongoing, just a lower profile because we now know they’re not threatening any of the 4 nations.
And yes, people are looking into it, because there is something off about the cloning tech and it keeps antagonizing the Drifters to this day. It’s just paper trail investigations don’t give the same valiant grandstanding as complaining about attacking innocent Drifters does.

The Drifters are indeed very innocent, only blew up capitals & stuff a few years ago. They only refuse to communicate with us & enjoy farming our dead bodies in space when they can.
They can communicate with us, they simply choose not to. We are listening, we don’t hear anything. We are calling them; we hear nothing.
If you attack someone & say nothing afterwards, why do you expect clemency when you show up again with yet another battleship fleet?
I choose the safety of the people above the safety of the Drifters. Your opinion on this may vary, but that is mine.
The moment the Drifters open communications & transmit something, or research on our side turn up interesting things, I will re-evaluate that stance; until then, they are a hostile nation.
If you choose to state that ‘acting on a possible threat’ is flashy reporting, then I will accept that, because to me, the safety of my people is more important then an alien force appearing that has been proven hostile in the past & has made no attempt to correct this.


Well, I see another opportunity to study them was thrown out the window

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You say this but it appears ARC has discovered more by blasting their wretched vessels out of the skies than just staring at them trying make friends with these mutants.