[ARC] Octavia-initiative event; win tech 1, Navy and tech 2 Caldary ship hulls

Hi Everyone,

ARC is hosting a public event for the duration of September. There will be prizes for the top contributors on a individual, corporate and depending on the participation even on alliance level. Prizes are tech 1, Navy and tech 2 Caldari ship hulls.

There are multiple ways to contribute and be included in the rankings for top contributor:

  • Mine ore and donate the ore and/or minerals after reprocessing the ore (preferably done in a Caldari station in Caldari Space);
  • Run missions (security missions preferred) and donate ISK or needed materials;
  • Buy and donate needed materials or ship hulls.

Donations can be done through contracts towards myself. Unless stated that the donation is done on behalf of a corporation or alliance, all donations will be accredited to the person who setup the contract. If you wish to contribute but remain anonymous, this will be respected and honoured

Full details and updates on the initiative and rankings can be found on the post on the IGS:

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