[ARC] In support of the Caldari State: the Octavia-initiative

Greetings capsuleers and those with access to the IGS,

It’s a fact that the Caldari State has suffered the most from the Triglavian invasion and is still suffering from the aftermath. ARC believes that the Caldari State and its citizens are capable to and will overcome the current troubles that plague them, but they can use support. As such, ARC proposes the ‘Octavia-initiative’ as a public effort to assist the Caldari State and the people living within its borders.

The objective of the Octavia-initiative is to support the defense of the Caldari territory and citizens against the Triglavian threat as well as against the numerous pirate factions operating within Caldari territory. This will help bring more stability to the Caldari State in particular and Empire controlled space in general. The Octavia-initiative aims to achieve this objective by doing the following:

  • Work with security agents to combat pirate and rogue drone threats within Caldari State Space;
  • Scrap and recycle recovered materials from combating pirate and rogue drone threats within Caldari Space;
  • Reprocess mined and/or collected ore at a Caldari owned station, within Caldari State space;
  • Use the minerals and agent (loyalty) rewards to build multiple squadrons of ships based on the template of the current 37th Octopus Squadron. When possible, construction should take place in a Caldari owned station, within Caldari State space;
  • Reinvest ISK from agent rewards and sold excess materials into buying ship hulls from the Jita market in situations where the building cost are higher than the market prices for these ships. At this time that applies to tech 2 ship hulls , battleship hulls and several Navy Issue ship hulls.

The initiative aims to build and provide multiple squadrons to the Caldari State, consisting of the following flights and ship hulls:

  • Green flight: 5 Griffin, 5 Griffin Navy Issue and 5 Kirin
  • Blue flight: 5 Hookbill
  • Red flight: 5 Caracal
  • Orange flight: 5 Cerberus
  • Weird flight: 3 Kitsune and 3 Blackbird
  • Silver flight: 5 Raven, 5 Raven Navy Issue
  • Gold flight: 5 Rokh, 5 Scorpion and 5 Scorpion Navy Issue

Completed squadrons will be presented to the Caldari State, at the end of the Initiative. The current end date will be the last day of the 9th month of this year. Final transfer will take place with the stipulation that the use and deployment of the completed squadrons is for the defense of the Caldari territory and citizens against the Triglavian threat as well as against the numerous pirate factions operating within Caldari territory. They are not to be used and deployed within the Militia warzones.

If capsuleers and/or organisations wish to contribute to the ‘Octavia-initiative’, please contact me as I will coordinate the efforts for the initiative. ARC will keep track and publish contributions and donations in support of the initiative. If people wish to contribute but remain anonymous, ARC will respect their wishes.

The final completed squadron will be made available for capsuleer use. This means that depending on the number of participants, ships or complete flights will be awarded to the top contributors on a individual, corporation and maybe even alliance level. As ARC is a scientific organisation and wishes to remain so, it’s leadership is excluded from the ranking and ARC will not keep any ISK, ships or materials related to this initiative. There will be regular updates to provide full transparency on the state of the Octavia-Initiative and the collected/donated materials.


Haria Haritimado
Lasairiona Raske


As of the the 13th day of the 9th month, the Octavia-initiative has the following number of completed ships, flights and squadrons:

  • Griffin: 15
  • Griffin Navy Issue: 15
  • Kirin: 15
  • Caldari Navy Hookbill: 15
  • Caracal:15
  • Caracal Navy Issue: 5
  • Cerberus: 5
  • Kitsune: 9
  • Blackbird: 9
  • Raven:0
  • Raven Navy Issue:0
  • Rokh:0
  • Scorpion: 0
  • Scorpion Navy Issue: 0
  • Complete Green Flight: 3
  • Complete Blue Flight: 3
  • Complete Red Flight: 1
  • Complete Orange Flight: 1
  • Complete Weird Flight: 3
  • Complete Silver Flight: 0
  • Complete Gold Flight: 0
  • Complete Squadrons: 0

As of the the 13th day of the 9th month, the Octavia-initiative has the following amount of materials:

  • Tritanium: 34,682,922
  • Pyerite: 6,391,762
  • Mexallon: 2,604,942
  • Isogen: 464, 462
  • Nocxium: 18,579
  • Zydrine: 10,685
  • Megacyte: 3,727
  • Caldari BY-1 Nexus Chip: 0
  • Caldari CU-1 Nexus Chip: 0
  • Caldari AZ-1 Nexus Chip: 0
  • Auto-Integrity Preservation Seal: 0
  • Life Support Backup Unit: 0
  • R-O Trigger Neurolink Conduit: 0
  • Core Temperature Regulator: 0
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In order to facilitate a ranking for top contributors; ships and materials will be given an ISK value. This will allow for a clear way to rank the contributions. The ISK values are as such:

  • Griffin: 0.6 Million
  • Griffin Navy Issue: 16.5 Million
  • Kirin: 27.5 Million
  • Caldari Navy Hookbill: 15 Million
  • Caracal: 12.5 Million
  • Caracal Navy Issue: 65 Million
  • Cerberus: 245 Million
  • Kitsune: 27.5 Million
  • Blackbird: 10 Million
  • Raven: 300 Million
  • Raven Navy Issue: 600 Million
  • Rokh: 290 Million
  • Scorpion: 250 Million
  • Scorpion Navy Issue: 500 Million
  • Complete Green Flight: 280 Million
  • Complete Blue Flight: 95 Million
  • Complete Red Flight: 485 Million
  • Complete Orange Flight: 1.55 Billion
  • Complete Weird Flight: 145 Million
  • Complete Silver Flight: 5.625 Billion
  • Complete Gold Flight: 6.5 Billion
  • Tritanium: 5
  • Pyerite: 19
  • Mexallon: 60
  • Isogen: 68
  • Nocxium: 1.100
  • Zydrine: 910
  • Megacyte: 610
  • Caldari BY-1 Nexus Chip: 0.75 Million
  • Caldari CU-1 Nexus Chip: 2.75 Million
  • Caldari AZ-1 Nexus Chip: 10 Million
  • Auto-Integrity Preservation Seal: 0.35 Million
  • Life Support Backup Unit: 0.4 Million
  • R-O Trigger Neurolink Conduit: 10 Million
  • Core Temperature Regulator: 12.5 Million
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Individual Ranking:

  1. '“Anonymous Triangle” 236,205,047 (236.2 million)
  2. Tannhauser Nseri 228,757,526 (228.7 million)
  3. Tsuneshi Ryuzouji 145,000,000 (145 million)
  4. Isaak Altland 6,912,857 (6.9 Million)
  5. Caconymbly 5,868,473 (5.8 million)

Anonymous contributions: 35,922,540 (35.9 million)

This section is reserved as the second part for the ranking of the individual, corporate and possible alliance level of contributors

My congratulations in using such a novel approach to supporting the State as a capsuleer.

Looking forward to seeing the completed squadrons in action!