Nanocoat Charity Auction

Hello Capsuleers!

I want to invite you to a special Event.
In cooperation with the University of Caille we start an auction especially targeted at capsuleers. During the Auction you can aquire keys for special Nanocoatings.

What can you expect?
Get keys to fancy nanocoatings for your favourite ships. If you have no competition you will end up with a very reasonable price. All Skins will start at 10.000 ISK or 100.000 ISK for a pack ( for example all gallente T1 frigates )

A full list of available nanocoatings can be found here:
We aquire new licenses every day, this list is not final and I will keep you updated. If you are looking for some specific ship, please message me directly.

Where does the Event take place?
The Event will take place at our Control Tower at Frarn V - Moon 1 at 18. July 18:00 EveTime
[ Ingame Channel will be posted once it exists ]
All ships will get access to our forcefield to ensure the safety of all guests.
We have docking capabilities for up to 30 ships, but you can make bets via our FTL interface as well.
There will be security checks.
Dresscode: no nudity
Every capsuleer welcome, regardless of race or gender.

About the Event:
This is a charity event and all profit made by the auction will be invested in Antibiotics, Zemnar and other medical equipment needed by baseliners on corona infected planets.
Some amounts will also been spent on the production of Civilian Mining Drones we will deploy to systems that were under triglavian invasion recently.

I hope to see some familiar faces around there.
o/ Komi

University of Caille is our official sponsor for this event.


Greeting everyone,

Unfortunately the event has to be postponed by a week due to private reasons, since I’m deployed in Caldari Space right now and my last week was very busy.
I count on your understanding.
The new date for the event is 25. July 18:00 EveTime estimated duration: 1-2hours ( depending on competition between the guests :P)

We have more than 180 Nanocoat licences to give away and a updated List will follow on Sunday.
And there will be a special secret auction as well.

I’m really sorry if I interrupted your appointments and I hope to see you on the new date.
o/ Komi

New Arrivings include:

All Skins starting at 10.000 ISK btw :wink:


The Event will take place today at 18:00 like planned.
I will be your Host and will make sure you all enjoy the event :slight_smile:
IC Channel: “MDAA Station Tower”
The Password for the forcefield is “Kalyai”. Please respect the other civilian ships that are around the busy station. [ and not steal them :stuck_out_tongue: ]

Here is a List with all the skins ready for auction:
Because of time limitations, some of them might end up in packs :wink:

Later o/

Thank you for all the capsuleers that participated in the Event. There was a lot of trouble initially and the event got delayed again for two hours. But in the End it turned out fine:

!!! We managed to raise 502 Million ISK for Charity !!!

The Highlights of the Auction listed below:

An Enforcer Blueprint + Bio Skin auctioned at 270m ISK ( secret auction 1 )
An old rusty Wolf auctioned at 69m ISK ( secret auction 2 )
A Naglfar Skin auctioned at 60m ISK
A Thanatos Skin auctioned at 25m ISK
A Cyclone+Rifter package at 10m ISK
An Archon Skin auctioned at 10m ISK
An Apocalypse + Apocalypse Navy Bio Skin auctioned at 10m ISK
A Rhea Skin auctioned at 7m ISK
A prowler and Wreathe package for 5m ISK
A Vagabond Skin auctioned at 5m ISK

As well as some other nanocoatings that were below 5 million ISK:

A Munnin and Broadsword package for 4m ISK
A Hecate Skin auctioned for 4m ISK
A Golem Skin auctioned for 3m ISK
A Harpy and Hawk package for 3m ISK
A Nemesis Skin auctioned for 2m ISK
A Confessor Skin auctioned for 2m ISK
A Kestrel Skin auctioned for 1,5m ISK
A Talos Skin auctioned for 1m ISK
A Proteus Skin auctioned at 1m ISK

It’s unbelievable that we gathered so much isk for the good cause. In the future we might cooperate with the UOC again for a similar auction. Thank you for participating!

A large amount that will be spend on medical equipment needed by baseliners on Corona infected planets. A good portion of the amounts will also been spent on the production of Civilian Mining Drones and other consumer products we will deploy to systems that were under triglavian invasion recently.

o/ Komi