[ARC] Semiosis

Why not? We do not mean why they are looking for stars.

We know the size of the ship. Big ship - big gun. A big gun needs a lot of fuel.

It is consistent with the hydrogen lines. A star too cool would not provide enough sizzle; a star too hot would sizzle the destroyer. It also works with the Isogen-5. Of course, they could actually just be looking for a home… oh, I’m being silly.

Planet-shattering kaboom inbound.


It’s hard to build anything of that scale when you need to be rotating all staff constantly from cold sleep so they don’t have enough time to kill themselves.

What’s a “hive patrol”?

Keep up the great work on the lore stuff, everyone.

It will make Diana happy to know that I am fairly certain one of the voices proclaims the importance “of Honor!” However, the audio contains very painful distortions.

Hive Operations are where go into Drifter Wormholes, shoot them in the face and take their lunch money

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Simulations based on the Xordahz directive intercept and known observations place this worldark’s estimated wingspan at just over 55.000m, dwarfing any known vessel by magnitudes - save for the Empires’ Iapetan-class titans.


As Anninen mentioned previously, it very much looks as though it’s something to weaponize a sun which was my concern when we first received the survey data.

The only other thing I could possibly imagine that being used for, which is more unlikely at this point, is three of those being used as a giant abyssal gate.

Regardless, I think I’m going to go assume worst case scenario and try to get some supplies and transport ships ready. Just because.

Actually I just thought of something. Where would their destination even be, if they were bringing that ship to New Eden with an already in-use star powering it?


The name of the ship is an ancient legend about the hidden city. The Invisible Town.

Judging by the history, it could be the Talocans who were invaded by those whom we know as Drifter. And they went to the Abyss.

Apparently this is a military analogue of the citadel.

I found a star ( Astabih, Fovihi - Derelik, B0 - F6 VI, V) with the following description
Stars of this type generally show strong non-ionized helium lines and some have a chemistry that results in very strong lines, leading to the designation ‘helium-strong’. It turns out that the conditions are more suitable - В0

Well in order to guess their destination we need to know what they want to achieve.

Do they need a new home? Are they trying to take the fight to the Drifter hives? Or maybe they feel like stomping over capsuleers because we invaded their personal space one too many times.


Porevitium wouldseem to me to mean “surface cohesion” the way it’s measured in stability. Like a containment field. Pore being small surface holes, and Vitium being blemishes.
Kind-of makes me think of the stars’ surfaces, a measurement of “sunspots” perhaps?

The old “we are declaring war on you, and showing you just how screwed you are when we’re done preparing?” At least they gave us time to sit around and not get ready if that were the case.

I think I need to go have some tea or… something.

Am I the only one who got an image in my mind of a Dreadnought entering Siege Mode… except it was this Super-Titanic monstrosity?

I just hope we can figure out where this thing will be emerging from the Abyss. Even if it’s targeting the Drifters… we need eyes on this thing when it goes into action.


The audio is some version of the “We are the Zorya” at different speeds. It is painful. There may be new information in it somewhere, but ouch.

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As others have said, that looks more like engineering reports.

Power conduits
Singularity power source.
Entropic weapons systems.
Station-keeping thrusters or maybe warp drive.

What I’m thinking is: There’s been a kind of ‘is it a ship or a station? Can those really be engines?’ A lot of the ‘it’s a station’ thinking comes because Uriel’s size comparisons use our modern titans. The original round of titans and the Emperor Ship were on the scale of the worldships. So this looks about right for those.

From what we know of the Talocan, Second Empire Jovians attacking them would be about like a gnat attacking a titan.

I have a feeling we’ll know where it… they? show up.


Increasingly, my take is ‘why not both?’ so far the station-vs-ship question is concerned. It’s certainly large enough to fill the role of a station even if it’s mobile, after all.


Indeed… If they want to send ships into New Eden or Anoikis (I’m assuming New Eden, since the Xordazh isn’t going to fit through a wormhole of any size we’ve seen), they’ll need a forward operating base. Preferably something that can move if it’s in serious danger, and since the Abyss can be accessed from anywhere in New Eden, that’s not an issue. So… a mobile forward operating base.

I think we’re looking at it.


One has to wonder, what kind of focusing key it would take to open a passage into the abyss large enough for a full station! Maybe they have some way of using multiple keys at once? Do you really think they’ll land in New Eden?

I think New Eden’s Jump-Gate network makes it more easily traversible than Anoikis, so if they’re going anywhere, this is the better place to go.

Forgive me, I was thinking of the New Eden system.