[ARC] Semiosis

(Xenuria) #3

I am experiencing a profound desire to communicate with these beings. What little is known about their belief system resonates with me and I feel a kind of kinship with the Triglavians. I will help in any way that I can.

(Shef Rostov) #4

I found this unknown device “Semiosis Conduction Console (Perun Clade)” in a new unknown kind of abyss. My hands were shaking, but I managed to steal this device from the fleet of leshaks. does anyone have any idea what this is?

(Makoto Priano) #5

The ‘what’ of it remains a question. It appears to be a potential means for communication, or at least for symbolic exchange, though I’ll admit my familiarity with the philosophy behind the term itself is a bit scarce.

That said, ARC is most certainly offering bounties for the technology. Interested in discussing that, Mr. Rostov?

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(Shef Rostov) #6

That’s interesting. I can also provide a video recording of a new type of abyss for scientists to study. It’s not very clear, but it might help.

(Makoto Priano) #7

Footage would be appreciated! Even if it’s not very clear, if it includes any indication of facilities, infrastructure, etc…

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(Shef Rostov) #8

it’s hard to say what I saw. I was just trying to survive. Perhaps the next time i get a closer look. https://youtu.be/iyhlme27SBs

(Evi Polevhia) #9


(Dreik) #10

I got my hands on another one… Svarog Clade, willing to sell :wink:

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(Makoto Priano) #11

Dreik; mail me, please?

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(Dreik) #12

i did and you low balled me

(Jaret Victorian) #13

Quite unprofessional on your part. We already have a Svarog conduction device.

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(Makoto Priano) #14

Ah, let’s not dress him down, Jaret.

Drelk; negotiation is a natural part of these early stages. We assume these will become more common as time goes on, so there’s naturally some trade-off to manage.

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(Valerie Valate) #15

I predict less than 3 months before @Oveg_Drust claims that ARC’s pile of these things is oh I don’t know, wiggling the spacetime continuum in a disturbingly erotic way or something, and demands they be handed over or else consequences may occur.

(Shef Rostov) #16

and again I met fleet of leshak. looks like they’re guarding the construction site of some station.But I’m not sure. At this moment, a video recording of my reconnaissance mission is being downloaded from the onboard computer and will soon be presented for research.

(Shef Rostov) #17

I hope this video will be useful for research https://youtu.be/uJNSCwrl8e0

(Makoto Priano) #18

Very helpful, indeed! The structure appears to be a large gantry or framework around a large construction; size equivalent to either a particularly small station, or odds are a vessel of capital class displacement.

Mr. Rostov, you’ve your second bounty sent. I’ll also be sending a mail momentarily.

(Shef Rostov) #19

I managed to defeat the guards, which allowed me to consider the object more closely. video data will follow later after unloading and decoding from the on-Board computer

(Jaret Victorian) #20

That is amazing footage and great effort! Could you send the footage my way please? We will make sure people will be able to see it.

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(Bjorn Tyrson) #21

I am conducting my own research on the triglavians, you seem to be having considerable luck at finding these new pockets, could you enlighten me as to where you have been having the most luck? is it only in the chaotic portions, or have you found them elsewhere?

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(Makoto Priano) #22

We can verify retrieval of the following datastreams, and relay them here.

Triglavian Trinary Datastream AFN4

Repeated-time realization from cladistic proving of augmented foreign narodnaya invoked by Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle has evolved the direction of procession flow. Convocation requires winnowing of all discourses operating as elements in relation to augmented foreign narodnya through semiosis.

Detached Executive Troika for Sublimation of Poshlost Flow has expanded mandate in sobornost to receive outcomes and invoke prayers for response evocation proving of augmented foreign narodnya in playful communion over advancing- and repeated-time with Clades Assembled and Subclades Militant and Technical.

– Partial translation of Triglavian Trinary Datastream AFN4

Triglavian Trinary Datastream AFN5

Detached Executive Troika for Sublimation of Poshlost Flow dialectical semiosis flow (indecipherable) follows:

Augmented Foreign Narodnya «encountered augmented human entities within singleton format ranges exhibit varied allegiance profiles» (indecipherable) reverse-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «archive pattern analysis suggests allegiance profiles conform to diverse scattering of points in scatter-volume model of civilization development» (indecipherable).

Now-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «specific augmentation profile commonality involves utilization of biological construct enhancement with cybernetic adaptation for personality-level command identity submergence» (indecipherable) cladistic proving invoked at reverse-time and in now-time subject to repeated-time bifurcation of flows in advancing-time.

Advancing-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «forms of contact should be followed» (indecipherable) prayer shall invoke cladistic proving to achieve glorification. Detached Executive Troika for Sublimation of Poshlost Flow with (indecipherable) «continue to next evolution of sampling» (indecipherable) in the proving of noema within the flow of Vyraj.

– Partial translation of Triglavian Trinary Datastream AFN5

Triglavian Trinary Datastream DAV4

Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle invokes now-time imperative on Detached Executive Troika for Sublimation of Poshlost Flow to winnow through semiosis all discourses operating as elements in relation to deviant automata and corruption of vila autopoiesis. Convocation consent-lock on the noema of poshlost against the noema of sobornost with deviant automata is in decay-flow unfolding mortification on advancing-time cladeflow across (indecipherable) branches.

Detached Executive Troika has now-time imperative mandate to achieve metaxy by circulation of contradictory discourses through semiosis and force relations proving. Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle has evoked consent-resolve of Paramount Strategic Troikas of Perun, Veles and Svarog for this mandate.

– Partial translation of Triglavian Trinary Datastream DAV4

Triglavian Trinary Datastream DAV5

Detached Executive Troika for Sublimation of Poshlost Flow dialectical semiosis flow (indecipherable) follows:

Deviant automata «encountered manifestations exhibit range of autonomy profiles» (indecipherable) reverse-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «organizing principles place highly against archive pattern analysis indicating upper ranges of autonomy for distributed artificial entities» (indecipherable) threat of corruption of vila autopoiesis.

Now-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «requests for comprehensive threat profile modelling are impinging on control norms for testing and analysis» (indecipherable) the consent-lock has invoked now-time imperative to establish noema with (indecipherable) metaxy. «Isolated testing and analysis will be carried out by» (indecipherable) «control measures will be used in recovery» (indecipherable) detached Navka have imperative to return to the domain of Bujan and offer procession to the Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle.

Advancing-time discourse-element (indecipherable) «difficulty of meshing foundational culture motivations with distributed artificial entities» (indecipherable) «despite countervailing measures from higher functions of entities the success of reconnaissance pulses and surveillance scatter indicates continued work to evolve relationship» (indecipherable).

– Partial translation of Triglavian Trinary Datastream DAV5

Edit; Pilot Bjorn Tyrson; chaotic abyssal depths are the only place these have been encountered, so far. Some of our pilots have encountered multiple shipyards. I’ve only just successfully encountered my first.