[ARC] Yulai Triglav Conference

There’s neutrality, and then there’s willful negligence.

Should be an interesting event. I look forward to attending.

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We forward our expressed gratitude at the assurance of safety and neutrality during this conference.

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I’d say there would be far more insidious or non-neutrally-capable groups who could be invited to such a meeting than the Triglavians themselves.

As it stands, the impact of their Liminal Provings pales in comparison to not only the Drifter raids punctuating the blackout (where their forces utterly stripped countless non-capsuleer material repositories and processing installations of not only every asset, but of every human being inhabiting them to surely be used in as materials themselves), but to the actions of CONCORD’s own signatories as well, against others present in the assembly.

The largest dangers from the Collective draw from unknowns - their motivations, their rationale for their attitudes toward certain factions and forms of life, and their mysterious plans involving apparent tinkering with spacetime and meticulously selected solar bodies. That said, thus far the only targets they’ve taken aim at have been tactical in nature, and few civilian casualties (to our knowledge) have come from their operations - according to AEGIS Provost Marshal Valkanir:

“Triglavian assaults on static targets are typically aimed at specific objectives and not at inflicting high levels of casualties.” Provost Valkanir went on to say, “The best assessment of AEGIS, and indeed the DED as a whole, is that Triglavian operations on planets, moons, stations, and other orbitals, are primarily focused on intelligence-gathering efforts. This does include some degree of seizing property and personnel, presumably for analysis and, in the latter case, interrogation.”

The combined number of dead and severely wounded due to Triglavian attacks in space is running into several millions, with CONCORD and core empire naval personnel suffering the bulk of those casualties.

- From The SCOPE

The potential dangers of what may come at their hands are the primary cause for fear of the Collective. That the four Empires are agreeably working with CONCORD at the same time - without apparent conflict with each other, when each member has already experienced all-out-war with another - is testament to that.

Given that Zorya has directly called on Capsuleers for cooperation, it seems as reasonable to predict a chance of neutral interactions with the Triglavians as it would be to consider neutral relations with certain already-known factions in New Eden.

The Collective absolutely has goals that will not align with the philosophies of the core Empires and CONCORD, and will obviously continue to generate friction. That said, the fact that they reject the Drifters and are unilaterally opposed to the very existence of Sansha’s Nation’s “corrupt” hivemind is reason enough to pause and consider what role they may play in New Eden’s future - and where the factions present in the cluster today may agree or disagree with them.


The role they will play in New Eden’s future is consuming it–as illustrated by ARC’s own documentations of the stellar accelerators.

As for their attending neutrally, it’s important to remember that these individuals do not think the same way that we do. Perhaps their goals would indeed align with ours. But how have they communicated with us thus far? By subjecting us to various “provings”.

Let’s imagine that they address the conference the exact same way.

You’re putting into danger every baseliner who would be aboard your chosen station, the crews of every ship arriving and departing, and countless other civilians who could be caught in the line of fire should your Triglavian guests opt to have you “prove” yourselves before they sit at the table.

Will the novelty of attempting to address them be worth all of those lives?

For myself, I choose not to subject my crews to unnecessary danger just to see whether we can chat with them.

Mr. Quatrevaux, I get why you’re worried. I seriously do. But it’s really hard to end a war without some kind of diplomacy, and out of maybe any entity in New Eden ARC might have the strongest chance of being able to actually talk to the Convocation and maybe really get an answer.

Invasions are ongoing. Death tolls are mounting. Explanations are thin, contacts brief and unilateral. Nobody seems to know what a Triglavian actually looks like or have an explanation of why we don’t know. (“Eraser” devices? Super-rapid, biohazardous decay? A truth so disturbing CONCORD has gone to great lengths to suppress it?)

If we invite them to meet with us under a flag of truce, will they appear? Will they respect the neutrality of the venue? Maybe; maybe not. We do know they seem to have a strong sense of fair play. Maybe they’ll deem it fair to respect our rules while visiting. If not, that, too, is data we can use.

Also, not to minimize your concern for local civilians, but we’re capsuleers. “Putting huge numbers of lives at risk” is, well, kind of where we live? … and this at least will be a pretty controlled environment. I expect an actual arrival by a Zorya delegation (I’m imagining a whole procession of identical suits) would draw intense interest from security. Actually I expect they’d probably seal off the whole station section and put us under quarantine until they could be sure we weren’t about to collapse into little piles of bioadaptive goo.

(I’ll be refreshing my backup clone before I go. Really that just seems like common sense if you’re not attending holographically.)

Anyway, for now the Triglavians seem mostly content to do weird and violent things, so it seems like a long shot that they’ll even turn up.

But wouldn’t it be interesting if they did?


No, it wouldn’t be.

But to each their own.

Absolutely. Yes. We’re already vigorously shooting back and forth at a significant cost in lives; it’s seemingly doing little to change the mode of interaction we have with them.

But hey, maybe you could try sending them some vid of troopers in the woods blasting a Trig through the head on a bright Sunday morning instead; see how that works for avoiding total inter-civilisation warfare.

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Perceiving the Triglavians as a body capable of only aggression is a saddening display of ignorance. We welcome this cultural exchange and express belief that violence will not result from communion unless mutually agreed upon.


Respected Pilots and Researchers
Dear Attendees

Below you find the final schedule for tomorrow’s Yulai Triglav Conference in the Yulai system, close to planet VIII. We have three tracks. They start with one hour delay each:

  1. Track 2000-2100 EVE time
  2. Track 2100-2200 EVE time
  3. Track 2200-2300 EVE time

Lasairiona Raske will be the venue’s host and lead moderator. She will oversee the conference channels and the time schedule. Our support staff will be around to help you with any questions you might have.


1900 - 2000 Conference Venue and Exhibition open
1955 - 2000 Welcome note and official opening (Haria Haritimado)

TRACK 1: Military strategies and coalitions against the Triglavian menace
2000 - 2020 Triglavian Invasion: mutual assured ascending (DutchGunner)
2020 - 2040 (Re)New(ed) Eden: why Poshlost when you can Sobornost? (Morgana Tsukiyo)
2040 - 2100 Open floor for discussion

TRACK 2: The Convocation of Triglav as an emerging new faction - lore and politics panel
2100 - 2115 What we know about the Triglavian Collective (Uriel P. Anteovnuecci)
2115 - 2130 The impact of Mutaplasmic integration with the human body (Thuri Actusmargo)
2130 - 2145 The manifold objectives of the Triglavian invasions (Uriel P. Anteovnuecci)
2145 - 2200 Open floor for discussion

TRACK 3: Suns and Stellar Manipulation
2200 - 2220 Sun topology and multiple worlds (Haria Haritimado)
2220 - 2040 An Alarmist Abyssal Hypothesis (AAAH!) (Aria Jenneth)
2240 - 2300 Open floor for discussion

2300 - 2305 Conference closing and open end

All times are given in EVE time. Information on the holographic router channels, docking, and security will follow soon in this thread.

We are looking forward to welcome you on Sunday!

Lasairiona Raske & Haria Haritimado


The landing channel for the conference is “Security - Yulai Triglav Con”. From there, you’ll be invited into the exhibition hall once you clear security.

Thank you


I received several questions asking for the possibility to attend by remote connection. It is possible to attend via holographic router without being physically present at the venue. You will end up in the security reception and check in like everyone else. So just join the channel:

Looking forward to meet you later.

Haria Haritimado

Thanks to the organizers, hosts and speakers for a very well put together and very smoothly ran event.

I admit given it was ARC I expected something a little more… tactical… but these insights into how people think were valuable in an unexpected way.



I echo Ms. Rhiannon’s words. A well executed conference. I was pleasantly surprised at the depth to some of the presentations and look forward to further discussion on the topics in the future.


Fellow Capsuleers
Dear Speakers and Attendees

This has been a tight, exciting, and demanding conference. I don’t know how you feel, but I have a Charon full of thoughts to process.

I am very thankful for your interest and valued contributions and every one of you will receive a small token of appreciation some time after this conference is processed.

Speaking of processing, there will be a proper release of proceedings within the next two weeks. If speakers would like to add clarifications or follow-up answers to questions which arose in the discussions, feel free to send us an EVE mail.

Hopefully, the aftermath of the conference will see more discussions, and the proper use of opportunities to come in order to learn to know each other better.

Some raw numbers: We had seven speakers with seven speeches and one ad hoc closing note. Up to fourty-three capsuleers attended the lectures and Yulai local saw about ten to fifteen pilots more in space. Some of them as part of a patrolling fleet. There were zero security incidents reported, including the entrance check-point and the bar; thanks to our contractor Luukas Beaumont. Also, I was informed that we had the appearance of one Saint Nicholas the Destroyer.

My special thanks goes to Lasairiona Raske for supporting the organization of this venue. Also, you might have noticed that we had an active fleet in space, here in Yulai, with pilots who did not attend the conference but patrolled the system, checked for any irregularities and kept watch. This is an amazing cooperation. I am very grateful for this display of understanding and support.

“Looking at the stars for answers.” - Isn’t that a fabulous quote for the ending of the conference? It is taken from Ilm Gaterau’s closing words. I will just let it stand as it is.


Haria Haritimado


It was my pleasure to help organize this event. All the best to everyone who attended.


A pleasure to have participated in the event. Transcripts of my own presentations are available below:

What we know about the Triglavian Collective

What are the Triglavians?

The Triglavian race, composing the Triglavian Collective, inhabits the Abyss - or Abyssal Deadspace, its proper name. From what we can observe, the Abyss is a turbid maelstrom of abnormal space, with stable areas dotted throughout - though it is not known how many of these stable areas are natural, if any.

The areas we have entered in the Abyss thus far, with the possible exception of the construction sites many have chanced upon in the deepest areas, are known as “conduit-loop constructs” - referring to their three-room format in which you enter and leave the Abyss from and to the same point in known space. These areas have also been referred to as “the Proving”, mentioned in reference to Sansha’s Nation (of course) having managed to penetrate areas of the Abyss outside of the Proving. The means used to achieve this are currently unknown to us.

The Collective comprises three Clades (Svarog, Perun, and Veles), which themselves comprise various Subclades. These groups might be most accurately compared to Tribes; the Subclades and Clades are independent groups, each with their own views, which regularly disagree or even come into conflict with each other. However, at this time these factitious groups have unanimously (some unwillingly) put aside their differences for the greater good of the Triglavian race as a whole, faced with the reappearance of their “Ancient Enemy”.

The Triglavian Collective as a whole follows a philosophy defined as the “Flow of Vyraj”, which they seem to see as the absolute “proper way of life” - one they espouse and uphold, or even enforce or impress upon others. Gauging the direction of the “flow” of an individual or group might be compared to judging the subject’s suitability for aligning with what the Triglavians see as the true proper direction for a civilization to align to and follow. In the last section, I’ll go over the meaning of this in the lens of Zorya Triglav’s pronouncements and us Capsuleers.

The core operations of the Collective all appear to be conducted by entities known as “Troika”. These entities are themselves assemblies of three distinct individuals, each an example of one of the three forms of life making up the Triglavian Race as a whole: Narodnya, Navka, and Koschoi.

Their motivation for assembling these seeming triplicate entities remains completely unknown at this time.

NARODNYA are strongly evidenced to be, at base, flesh-and-blood human beings. Baseliners are Non-Augmented Narodnya, Nation citizens and slaves are examples of Hivelinked Narodnya, and Capsuleers were referred to as Augmented Narodnya before more recently being dubbed Kybernauts by the Collective. The female-sounding voice in the Zorya pronouncements can be assumed to be that of their Narodnya, the physically-bodied one we see onscreen.

NAVKA appear to be bodiless, data-based entities of some sort. Triglavian DAV records describe “detached” Navka investigating possible routes for interaction or even usage of the Rogue Drones that have taken up residence in the Abyss. The Navka seem to be viewed as inferior or in some way not-quite-human by the at least the Koschoi, who (when procedures for cooperation with Rogue Drones were outlined) raised concerns regarding a resulting need to acknowledge the authority of detached Navka “according to moral norms applicable to sentients” - suggesting that there may be some fundamental difference between the Navka and the other lifeforms comprising the Triglavian race.

The “Navka Overminds” Rogue Drones found in the Abyss all appear to be under the direct influence or control of detached Navka. The odd voice in Zorya’s pronouncements - just-off of human - might be presumed to be their Navka.

KOSCHOI have not been sufficiently described in any physical sense within recovered Triglavian records. However, they seem to unanimously take a superior/leadership role within both Troika and the general political structures of the Collective itself. The dominating male-sounding voice in Zorya’s pronouncements may be that of their Koschoi.

Zorya Triglav is the most visible example of a Troika thus far, but they can be found throughout the datastream records recovered from the Abyss as well. Additionally, the classifications of Triglavian cladeships are hypothesized to identify the number of individuals typically in control of each ship.

A “Damavik”, as we call it, is a 3 Tactical Troika Classification cladeship - piloted by a single Troika, comprising a Narodnya, Navka, and Koschoi. This can be seen directly in datastream HFN2, in which the Narodnya is maliciously affected by Sansha forces, with the Koschoi then suggesting to self-destruct, an action the Navka agrees to - ending the “corruptive” threat.

As an aside, the triplicate nature of Troika may be achieved through implant tech that would be vulnerable to interference or hijacking by Sansha’s Nation.

Okay, but WHO are the Triglavians?

While we know a good bit about the societal structure of the Collective, we have no solid facts about where they came from. It is known with certainty that they are human in origin, meaning that they must by principle have originally existed in what they call the “Ancient Domains” - K-space, New Eden - which were at some point in time “lost” to them.

One of the most telling bits of information in this area lies with their technology. Before the dissemination of Triglavian Encryption Methods skillbooks, invention of a tech II damage module for their Entropic Disintegrator weapons was still possible through the application of Sleeper Encryption Methods.

The implications of this connection are significant - and when combined with the astonishingly detailed records of Second and, possibly, even First Jove Empire information the Collective possess, and the knowledge that the Triglavians readily identified the Drifters emerging from the ruins of the Sleeper civilization as their “Ancient Enemy”, who have now pursued them into their Abyssal domain, a picture begins to paint itself.

While the earliest AEA (Ancient Enemy Azdaja) datastreams state the Drifters to indeed be this Ancient Enemy, later entries posit unexpected differences between the ideological patterns of the Drifters and those of the Jove Empire of the Chamber of Tyrants - recorded as Jovian Expansionist Polity iter.2.

It is known that the Tyrants, led by a legendary Jove by the name of Miko Bour, coalesced countless disparate Jove enclaves following the collapse of what we know as the First Jove Empire around three thousand years ago in the area of what is now the Heaven constellation - forming the Second Jove Empire.

Though much knowledge of this time has been lost to the ages, it is well-evidenced that the Tyrants remained the ruling party of the Second Jove Empire throughout its existence, with a body known as the “Ruling Chamber” at its core, with one among them elected to the Chamber of Tyrant - a position descending from the original role of Miko Bour.

The Drifters, upon their emergence from the ruins of the Jove-splintered Sleeper civilization - highly evidenced to have likely taken up their permanent residence in Anoikis around the time of the Second Empire’s collapse - took up the mantle of these ancient Tyrants, dubbing themselves the Vigilant Tyrannos.

Some have speculated that these Tyrannos may in fact be the Tyrants themselves, re-emerging after three thousand years of virtual slumber - but the observations of the Collective directly contrast with this idea:

«recovered materials indicates presence» (indecipherable) unshackled in forbidden dominance arrangement «counter to ideological patterns recovered pertaining to Jove Empire of the Chamber of Tyrants !query++encode|Jovian expansionist polity iter.2.?.?|recode++process! indicating anomaly in ideological development»

Aside: this last part all-but-certainly refers to the changes New Eden and Anoikis’s spatio-temporal topographies underwent as a result of the Seyllin and Caroline’s Star incidents.

Whoever the Drifters are, they are markedly different from the Tyrants - the Ancient Enemy the Triglavians seem to have expected. As the Collective opens more to us, it is my hope that we might learn more about this seeming ancient conflict - and perhaps the Society of Conscious Thought, with knowledge they’ve likely inherited as the successors of the Jove Directorate, will someday help in illuminating more of the murky past this all seems to stem from.

Another note:

It is also strongly evidenced that the Triglavians unanimously reject the idea of Hivelinked Narodnya - that is to say, human beings networked together as somewhat or completely one. Sansha’s Nation exemplifies this to the extreme, and - what’s more - display evidence of some sort of “corruption of hivelinking”, something apparently damaging to the Triglavians themselves in some way.

This threat apparently ranks higher in immediate severity than even the Drifters in some ways; while Zorya Triglav has been granted mandate to “winnow discourses” surrounding various other parties, only their request to do so for Nation has been denied by the Convocation of Triglav - a sort of CONCORD between the Clades - with a new Special Operational Troika being assembled specifically to erase any trace of Nation where they are encountered, with no room for compromise, and no mercy.

As mentioned earlier, the threat of hivelink-based “corruption” through whatever modifications or implants are present in the Narodnya of Troika may be a key factor in this absolute rejection of Nation - but we have yet to uncover the original motivation for the Triglavian ancient-time accepted noema of extirpation of Hivelinked Narodnya.

While much has yet to be seen, I myself strongly lean toward the theory that the Triglavians either stem from the Jove race (personal strongest belief), or developed in intimate parallel with the older Jove empires before needing to find a place to hide from the Tyrants, who at some point became their (not yet ancient) Enemy.

Their knowledge of Jove history, including in-depth knowledge of the ideological patterns of the Tyrants, as well as the direct parallels found between Sleeper technology and some of their own, help to support this personal hypothesis - or personal hope, admittedly, as I’ll follow any gleanings into the mysteries of New Eden’s past for as far as I’m able to.

We’ll soon see where the future will take us, and I strongly expect more of the Collective’s history to be illuminated in the not-so-distant future.

The Manifold Objectives of the Triglavian Invasions

The Triglavian Invasions - or Liminal Provings - have, thus far, been efforts toward multiple goals; the inspection of stars, the “sampling” of various facilities and structures, the provings of the new Xordazh World-Ark class, the subtle manipulation of spacetime in invaded areas for an as-of-yet unknown purpose, the deployment of “stellar accelerators” and “observatories” interacting with system stars in mysterious ways, and - lastly - the judging of and now cooperation with Kybernauts are among the visible activities being carried out in Invasion areas.

While the various endgoals of each of these efforts remain obscured, we can at least make some guesses as to what might be on the horizon for each front.

Stellar Action

Prior to the launch of the Invasions, a large number of Raznaborg stellar observations were intercepted via Triglavian Semiosis Consoles, showing that - from the very beginning - the Triglavians were looking to New Eden’s stars as some objective. (example: https://web.ccpgamescdn.com/fiction/eveonline/Triglavian/H4qtfaxive.mp4)

These measurements of unidentified (but somewhat guessable) properties were the first hint that the Collective was keeping a close eye on specific stars, and the parent records evidence that Raznaborg cladeships were present - but hidden - in New Eden a long while before they began aggressing spacefarers.

During their provings, the Xordazh World Arks deployed triune structures whose functions have apparently permanently modified spacetime in local areas. The objective of these activities remains unknown, but references to unanticipated spatio-temporal changes (compared to what was apparently recorded during the Second Jove Empire) in Triglavian records beg the possibility that some efforts may be underway to counter the lasting spacetime effects of the Seyllin and Caroline’s Star events:

«stability of local spatio-temporal environment deviates from archive reference data pertaining to !query++encode|Jovian expansionist polity iter.2.?.?|recode++process!»

Little direct action was observed near said stars until the closing days of “phase one” of the Invasions, when Stellar Accelerators began to be deployed in the central systems of each Invasion established:

Triglavian Stellar Accelerator:

This Triglavian installation appears to be manipulating the local spatio-temporal topology of the system’s central star in order to use it as a vast ultra high-energy particle accelerator, causing numerous strange effects across the entire star system. The structure itself is functioning as the control nexus for whatever bizarre experiment is being carried out by the Triglavian Collective around the star.

Quantum interactions similar to Triglavian space-time filament and conduit technology have been detected, and it is possible that the Collective are engaged in an effort to “weave” the star’s gravity well into their conduit network. The prospect of the Triglavians incorporating the system into their domains cannot be ruled out and merits forceful counter-action by New Eden’s defenders.

These first deployments caused effects to ripple across installation systems, affecting various spatial properties that could (and can) be directly observed as affecting ship functions.

At the conclusion of “phase one”, the World Ark proving grounds ceased to appear, instead replaced by the deployment of new “Stellar Observatories” adjacent to system stars:

This structure is similar in design to the Triglavian Stellar Accelerators that have been deployed around stars by task forces of Triglavian ships alongside invasion groups. However, this structure appears to be concentrating on gathering as much data as possible about the star it is orbiting and is carrying out very deep scans of the stellar body.

There are also signs that this Triglavian Stellar Observatory is using fine control of local space-time conduit technology to “reach into” the heart of the star and extract samples, or perhaps is even testing an advanced resource harvesting technology. The prospect of the Triglavian Collective refining their technology and operations in New Eden to the point of harvesting stars is an alarming one.

The intentions of these structures is unknown at this time. However, the possibility that the Collective seeks to harvest material from these targets begs the question of whether Isogen-5 - at this time only known to be generated in proximity to type A0 stars - and whether these attempts to reach into the depths of stellar bodies may be related to this normally highly unstable material, evidenced to have likely played a major spatio-temporally active part in both the Seyllin and Caroline’s Star events.

What’s more, if the Collective seeks to weave systems in the Ancient Domains into their own, the Triglavians will become even closer to us; and the closer they are, the better chance relations between them and the rest of New Eden’s inhabitants might evolve.

Further speculation and analysis of stellar activity will be covered in presentations following this one.

Ground Activity

As soon as they began, Invasion forces began a slow progression through three different stages over the course of a month or so. While each stage brought increasing in-space action, the Collective also began to deploy ground forces at increasingly important locations, dubbed “sampling”.

Void Structure Sampling (in-space facilities) accompanied the appearance of Minor Conduits.

Minor Orbital Sampling (facilities on moons) accompanied the appearance of Major Conduits.

Major Orbital Sampling (facilities on planets) accompanied the appearance of the Xordazh-classification World Arks in known space.

According to Provost-Marshal Valkanir, these Samplings have been understood to be intelligence-gathering operations, with no focus on civilian casualties. Only strategic targets have thus far been affected by these pushes, with some abductions and other actions being attributed to this same effort.

These activities stand in stark contrast to those of the Drifters during the Blackout period, whose attacks were overwhelmingly focused on gathering assets; huge numbers of non-capsuleer material gathering and processing installations were raided, where all contents were scraped from their holds - with every person onboard each facility also disappearing, doubtlessly collected as materials themselves.

An aside: between inspace, crewed vessels and these ground assaults, I personally consider the lack of information available concerning the biology of the Triglavian Narodnya - what’s behind their masks - to be a bit aggravating.


The Ancient Domains beyond the Flow of Vyraj were lost to us.
Intruders in the Ancient Domains corrupted the Flow.
Intruders seek to corrupt the Flow of Vyraj and the Domain of Bujan.

Augmented Narodyna must prove the direction of their Flow.
Narodyna moving with the Flow of Vyraj may be fit to enter Bujan.
Narodyna without fitness will be expelled from the Flow.

The Convocation of Triglav Outside the Struggle invoke Cladistic Proving.
Glorification of the fit, and mortification of the unfit will unfold in the Flow.
Triglav Outside the Struggle will be glorified anew. Nothing can halt the Flow of Vyraj.

The direction of the flow approaches liminality.
Cladistic proving in the Ancient Domains commences.

Glorification awaits those fit to join the flow of Viraj
Liminal potential is divined amongst augmented Narodnya.
We invoke a proving of Kybernauts in the Ancient Domains
Guide and ground the flow and be fit for glorification.
Obstruct and mortify the flow and you will be extirpated

Kybernauts (Capsuleers) who uphold the flow will be glorified (seemingly moved up in standing above another), while those who seek to obstruct this flow will be extirpated - removed, or eliminated. Those who prove themselves may, in the words of Zorya, be fit to enter the Domain of Bujan - that is, the hypothesized home of the Triglavian civilization within the Abyss.

In short, the Triglavian Collective is gauging the flow of Capsuleers, and seems to be considering bringing properly aligned individuals into cooperation - or even Sobornost - with themselves.

This call to alignment currently stands directly against the efforts of every empire under CONCORD, and taking the side of the Triglavian Collective is currently considered a betrayal of New Eden’s civilizations by the DED, though no penalties have currently appeared to have been applied to those aligning with the Flow of Vyraj.

The current Trigs-versus-All-CONCORD-Signatories situation, in the opinion of many, stems from fear of the unknown. The potential dangers of what may come at their hands, rather than already-performed actions, are the primary cause for fear of the Collective. That the four Empires are agreeably working with CONCORD at the same time - without apparent conflict with each other, when each member has already experienced all-out-war with another - is testament to that.

The damage inflicted by the Amarr on the Minmatar people - and the effects of the Caldari-Gallente war - far outstrip any harm the Collective has inflicted thus far. The Liminal Provings are not Total War, as each of CONCORD’s signatories have already experienced with another among themselves, but are probing, exploratory, and preparational efforts with no aim at civilian casualties.

That said, the possibility that the Collective’s aims concerning our stars will cause harm in the future absolutely justifies this cooperation. Truly, it’s almost admirable - disparate factions, each with their own goals and beliefs, working together for the greater good of themselves as a whole by protecting against an outside invader.

It’s fair to note here that this is also what the Collective has done, however. The Clades and Subclades of their civilization have their own beliefs, and have been observed to fight among one another.

Koschoi see Navka as lesser; Svarog Clade wholeheartedly disagreed with Veles Clade about Rogue Drones; one Svarog Subclade even refused to release their ship design to the Collective, and was disciplined.

All of this serves as proof that the Triglav do seem to be, despite their first impression, human.

The Triglavian race shows as much diversity of thought as any other human group in New Eden - and demonstrates far more individuality than the “corrupt” hivemind of Sansha and the unyielding silent, precise Drifters (at least thus far).

The Collective absolutely has goals that will not align with the philosophies of the core Empires and CONCORD, and will obviously continue to generate friction. That said, the fact that they reject the Drifters and are unilaterally opposed to the very existence of Sansha’s Nation’s “corrupt” hivemind is reason enough to pause and consider what role they may play in New Eden’s future - and where the factions present in the cluster today may agree or disagree with them.

As the Liminal Provings continue, it is my hope that the intentions behind the Collective’s stellar manipulation will be made clear as soon as possible.

Should their goals be harmful, the cluster will work to stop them.

But should they prove to be benign, things will be different.

What will the Empires do if the Collective reaches out diplomatically to one of them? If they and their Clades offered to ally with the Minmatar and their Tribes? If they offered to elevate the Caldari to heights above the other Empires? The current situation of cooperation is only based on this unknown; should the Triglavian Collective engage even one faction in friendly communion, everything will change.

And I admittedly look forward to that happening.

Thanks for listening.

To add my personal feelings on this situation, I’ll admit that the possibility of cooperating with the Triglavian Collective excites me.

I’ve dedicated my entire life to the pursuit of knowledge concerning the secrets of mankind’s past in New Eden; should the Collective open the doors to the secrets I yearn for - with the caveat that they don’t seek to destroy all we’ve built here in their “Ancient Domains” - then I’ll likely do anything I’m capable of to glimpse the truth.


Again, a pleasure to have participated. Here is a revised version of the presentation slightly changed for better clarity.

Greetings to all.

I would like to express my gratitude for the manifestation of this conference, a place of conversation in a universe where so many things are argued by force as the first resource. Arataka Research Consortium, the darling Haria Haritimado and all the people involved, what a wonderful job organizing this.

It has not been lost to me the possible interpretation of incongruence, or perhaps irony, that a track called “Military Strategies and coalitions against the Triglavian Menace” is hosting a point of view that moves away from “Menace”, or at least does not consider it a “bad” thing. However, I invite you all to think of this presentation as an antithesis that precedes a synthesis (never “the” synthesis), or simply a finger pointing to a direction that may not have been looked with full attention by some.

Let´s start with premises. Menace is usually referred to as “something that is likely to cause harm”, so it is a concept that involves risk, probability, and advancing-time pressures. It is in the realm of an Evental site without an actual Event. In other words, speculation. A lot of effort is applied based on the fear of what may happen, resulting in things that do happen and then in the maintenance of the behavior so that previous efforts were not in vain. [1]

Another one is the “Military Coalitions”. Formed by whom exactly? Usually a common enemy is an effective way to promote closeness between people [2], but current events on the cluster point to another direction. The major Factions are engaged in a CONCORD sanctioned eternal Factional Warfare, and current news are following the Amarr / Minmatar who are engaged in heavy military conflicts such as the current Flosewin dispute. [3]

Sure, there are many historical and noematic elements from reverse-time that are kept alive in the now-time and I will not expand on the motivations, this recent example being merely to point at how k-space conflicts can serve as a diversion of the resources that could be used on a joint effort against an external threat. It is not a surprise then that increased taxation for the general public happened to subsidy a CONCORD approved “New Eden Defense Fund” [4], increasing their power, funding and control by tapping on the existential function of enemyship. [5]

The same happens to Capsuleer support. There are those locked in the Factional Warfare mentality protecting only their own groups, including suggestions of using the Triglavian interventions to weaken their preferred enemies. There are those fighting each other in Null-sec with enough power to ignore or repel all attempted interventions in their controlled space, be it from Factions, other Capsuleers, Drifters or Triglavians. And finally, there are those who welcome the call for Glorification and decided to join the Flow, be it for fun, for a kick at the status quo, for a genuine interest in ending life as we know it, or for curiosity of what lies beyond the stars.

By pondering the shortcomings of premises, one can better get in touch with the things they want to accomplish. New Eden is populated with many different people, each with a unique set of motivations that sometimes converge, and a lot of times don´t, so what exactly is being proposed to unify so many distinct interests?

Regarding the so-called menace, what actions, concrete actions, performed so far by the Triglavians are that different from anything we do ourselves daily around the cluster? Let us entertain some comparisons.

On the military aspect, it is good to remember that the first sign of Triglavians that we had involved them taking out entire Drifter Fleets and making them retreat. [6] Drifters that also escalated attacks after our Sleeper plundering, sacking, forceful removal of implants and unarmed scouts destruction, by the way. Then we get CONCORD footage on Case Red Gamma showing that they knew and omitted things [7], as security agencies do, and a while after they appear with a Triglavian Cruiser [8], again with no details on how it was done, and specially, on how aggressively they managed to hijack a foreign military ship or how they dealt with its crew, if any.

The Triglavians then decide to communicate with us in a way that is not filtered by security agencies and hijack our billboards [9] to tell us a little about their history, the lost ancient domains and the invasion of the flow by intruders. They share a little bit of their values, by classifying the Drifters as the Ancient Enemy Azdaja, offering Deviant automata, or Rogue Drones, the possibility to conform, Corrupted Narodnya, or Sansha, as extirpation subjects, and finally we Capsuleers, or Human Augmented Narodnya, the chance to prove our intents by evaluating our direction on the flow. Those who move with the flow may be fit to enter Bujan, those who are not fit, would be expelled from it. Usually when someone want to outright destroy you, they don´t go into all that trouble to open communication channels and offer the possibility of what may be interpreted as an alliance.

Finally, we get a proper introduction to the Triglavian gathered information on a major news source [10], and some physics explanation by Professor Michel Mayor regarding Abyssal Dead Space, Mutaplasmids, and technological possibilities, possibilities that lead to the last part of this presentation.

Intervention on the very fabric of nature and reality is what made us get where we are now. At this very moment there are moons getting huge chunks out of them, being harvested by wonderful technological advancements made possible by the joint effort of several inter-factional corporations united under the Upwell Consortium, and miners depleting fields to make the gadgets we are currently using. All over the cluster hundreds of Jump Gates allow travel between solar systems and are built around artificial wormholes, created by exploiting gravitational resonances found in binary systems and where the resonance is as a friction between gravitational waves of stellar objects, the more massive the objects, the stronger the resonance between them, with positions of planets in a solar system, as well as the complex structure of dust rings around heavy planets illustrating this resonance, as the esteemed Alain Embrosius Topher [11] explained, among other technical feats that inspire awe no matter how much one knows the science behind it.

Does any of this, or any other interventions, come without a cost? Of course not. I find it important to remember the notable Titan incident [12] that occurred on the small agricultural world of Goral, where a Gallente Titan moving into orbit caused an abrupt shift in tides, which flooded crop fields and farmland. The decrease in food production meant that the entire system, which depended on Goral for food stock, had to be supplied by merchants or face starvation.

We deform reality just by being, and as we push the universe in any direction, there will be repercussions, and perhaps Capsuleers don´t usually give much thought about the ripples caused by their existence on the ecosystem or how it interacts with the everyday person on the planets. Someone decides a fleet is needed to protect their territory, or that a corridor of Keepstars would be fun to watch during warp, then someone will retrieve the resources to make it happen. That a moon regulates the tides and crop production on a planet, or that an asteroid belt gravitational pull interacts in a certain manner with the solar system that could influence the lives of those who live in it are secondary issues at best for some. Same goes when a ship is lost, and a ship is replaced. What about the crew, their aspirations, their families? Merely cost of operation one could say.

Ours is a life of transformation, the death and resurrection show, are we in a place to judge when someone does what appears to be the same thing to us? Barging in and modifying nature as we know it for purposes we don´t quite understand yet? Recently we encountered two precursor factions with technology that is incomprehensible to us, manipulating the very fabric of space to do something that we have no idea what it is, just like planetary civilians look to the skies and see we glow in our cycle of creation and destruction.

Are they trying to return home? Trying to interact with the EVE Gate and whatever lies beyond? Evaluating us to see if we are going to weaken their efforts to accomplish their objectives? So far, we have very few answers. What I emphasize is that if we continue to operate on a hostile stand, there may be even fewer answers ahead instead of an actual dialogue, so I invite all to reconsider the premises of our interactions with the new factions and find productive ways to allocate our resources. The Society of Conscious Thought is a living example that we can, and most importantly, have interacted with advanced groups in a constructive manner not killing each other in the process. At least not that much, considering the Battle of Vak’Atioth. Fights do and will happen among any group, but it doesn´t mean extermination is a necessity.

In this form, I was born in Saisio III, or Achura, and this planet got tangled with the Sukuuvestaa Corporation 300 years ago in ways that some would perceive as an invasion or conquering. At the time it was the meeting of an Iron age population with an interstellar travelling group, but as Caldari Prime was being evacuated Sukuuvestaa resettled in Achura, and this action brought forth possibilities such as a way to handle things that doesn´t involve opposing the energy of a coming strike, but redirecting or absorbing it, transforming it in something bigger than the sum of the parts. This way of handling things got the Achura in a place where ancient traditions remain in place, while occupying of the key positions at the Mega Corp as an amalgam of two groups working towards common benefit and transformed by the interaction but neither deformed beyond recognition, instead of a cycle of violent escalating responses.

In no way I imply that this is “the” way of handling all things, as I mentioned earlier in the presentations, merely “a” way. Other contexts have different adequate responses, but the subject at hand is how to deal with the Triglavians, and so far, their actions do allow us to use a cooperative stance rather than a hostile one. Should this scenario change, other responses are available, and our cluster knows quite well how to implement them.

And with this, the end is also the beginning. In this Renewed Eden, why Poshlost when you can Sobornost?

Thank you for your time.


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Fellow Capsuleers

All speeches and the major discussions from the conference are now available with the third issue of the Triglavian Primer.

Thank you,

Haria Haritimado


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