Are batteries balanced?

I see many fits using oversized batteries, are these balanced vs injectors? Do injectors themselves need rebalancing? Why are there so many smaller cap sizes and so few larger increments? Should there be new larger sizes?

Could t2 medium injector fit 3x 500gj and t2 large fit 4x 1000gj, small fitting something like 3x 200’s or 2x 300gj injectors would give a more granulated and balanced distribution and enable some more variety in fits.

there is a compare tool in game, try comparing the different mods, and use the ship simulator to test your theories… its why its there.

I cant test modules that don’t exist.

You can do math to simulate their existence. You can override things in pyfa if you want to see exactly how something would behave under an imaginary module, by changing the fundamental stats of things

You edit the files? Or can you do from inside the program

Inside the program. Global → Overrides, type in the name of what you wanna change, then select it and change its stats. Then Global → Turn Overrides On, done

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I can’t get the small booster to accept 3x 200’s… Have you tried this particular operation before?

Set capacity to 18 (200’s are 6m3 each, capacity is m3 of charges it can fit, base value is 15). That should work

It still doesn’t, in the attributes page it only seems to recognize unmodified navy 200s or standard 200s.

Huh, weird. Well, atleast cap boosters are pretty easy to just run the math for. In the case of a small cap booster holding 3 200’s.
1 cycle = 12s, gives 200GJ
reload = 10s
Every 3 cycles + reload = 42s for 600GJ, 14.3GJ/s

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