Are CCTV streams explicitly allowed by CCP?

Are CCTV streams explicitly allowed by CCP and if so what is their justification for it? The concept seems entirely against the spirit of the game IMO.

I’m sorry if this topic has been brought up elsewhere, I couldn’t find anything directly concerning this that wasn’t people trolling each other (likely get the same results here)

Why would they need to be ‘explicitly allowed’ ?

CCTV ? Sorry I’m not grasping what your saying

Don’t worry about it if you can’t ‘grasp’ it.

Twitch streams that feed live data (grid visual, overview, local) from common gank spots (e.g. Kaaputenen gate in Niarja) I suppose.

Why would you call it CCTV?

what do you object to?
Gankers maybe have a problem with it but not sure why anyone else would.

No, but that doesn’t matter.

What matters is that it’s not explicitly prohibited by CCP. For example, there’s a specific list of exploits that you are not allowed to engage that will come with CCP punishment if you do.


They take time and effort to set up and run (computer time) and only cover some important spots. They are also more for fun than for actual use, as you can only see a gank happening, but not prevent it (gankers aren’t gonna just sit at the gate for targets you know).

Also CCTV is the main television channel in china and they do surveillance, so maybe that? Or maybe CCTV stands for camera something. (like we call the surveillance cameras CCTV)

These types of surveillance streams have previously been blocked from Twitch, and possibly from other platforms as well, as they were not actually engaging in gameplay

I don’t see any documentation from CCP that addresses this.

Id like to point out that CCTV stands for closed circuit TV, meaning if its streamed on the internet it isn’t CCTV.


Man I hadn’t heard about this before, but that’s ingenious.

This ■■■■ is why I love MMOs.

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I thought this was about all the intel bots set up in regions called CCTV that relay all people entering and leaving systems via a bot/computer program.

CCTV’s original meaning is ‘closed circuit TV’, specifically in reference to surveillance cameras set up by an individual or organization. Some governments use them for monitoring their citizens; many companies use them to monitor employees and customers.

In EVE, the concept of ‘recorded surveillance’ refers to cloaked AFK characters that have their output streamed to a dedicated private location (private YouTube channel, Discord, etc) for intelligence gathering purposes. Thus, the nickname of ‘CCTV’.

As for legality of this under EVE terms: @Rando_Rocket You need to open a support ticket and ask the GMs. Other players cannot speak to this with authority - we can only make educated suggestions about how CCP might view it based on the language in the EULA and ToS. Anything that seems like an edge case should always be taken before the GMs via support ticket to avoid getting in trouble.

It should also be noted that CCP is generally OK with the results of ‘is this allowed?’ or ‘how does mechanic X actually work?’ support ticket queries to be shared (unlike ‘why did I get banned?!’ tickets), so you should be able to report back to the thread with results of the GM review.


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