Are market order IDs kept when relisting with a new price?

Or does it generate a new order with a completely new ID?
I hope the question is clear, I just couldn’t find the answer anywhere.
If the ID changes with each relisting, then the volume remaining field would be the only part that could ever change for a single market order, correct?

I don’t have docs or data for this, but you can get some by putting up a single market order on a free character, and then use the esi ui to see how it behaves after a change.

I can’t sadly, my internet is too limited to download the whole eve client for at least another week, so I wanted to work on developing a market analysis tool in the meantime before I can actually play the game again.

@Steve_Ronuken may be able to answer this.

Can confirm, it’s the same order ID when an existing order is edited to change the price. I track price changes in orders as part of my comprehensive market data system.

Correct, as long as the order lives, any change to it will not alter the ID. If you cancel and relist, it gets a new ID. This way I used to track my competition. :wink:

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Thank you very much guys

Mit oder ohne Käse?

It is worth mention that price can change on edit, volume_remain will change every time someone buys from/sell to the order, and issued is always the last time the order was edited. issued is only the creation date if the order has never been edited. Everything else is static and never changes

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