Are PI's worth it for new players?

To setup passive income, is it worth for a new player to jump into setting up PI’s early on?

There is nothing “passive” about all that clicking and hauling.

It’s a fairly long stretch of training to get decent productivity in, it’s a fair bit of management to optimize, it requires Omega status to do anything effective, and it works best in the lowest security regions (richer planets). Plus, the market for PI materials has been pretty inconsistent lately.

It can certainly make semi-passive income in the long run, assuming you put some research into how to set up planets for the products that sell and can haul what’s needed. It’s not at all something I would ever recommend to new players ‘early on’. More like, “my combat pilot has 40 million SP, my industry/trader guy has 20 million SP, what skills do I train next?” sorta thing.


To be honest: No, for new players PI is probably a nightmare.

But after some time in the game when you know what you do and how mechanics work, in a cool corp with a strong basis, AND if you like that kind of puzzling, calculating and trying, it’s a nice income. I recommend training a second char, I won’t train PI skills with my main char because you have to be in the system to “harvest”, so a char who doesn’t feel the urge to follow call to arms or event travels is in advantage.

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Thanks all, that info helped me a lot. I’ll start on a 2nd character for mining/industry, and leave the PI til down the road. I was under the impression from a YT video I watched that it was more of a set it and forget it except once a week to pick stuff up and sell.

fixed that for you, frtiend

Some people like it, so…w/e they want suppose…lots of clicking…

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