Are Scare Tactics Allowed?

I decided to issue a non mining ship to some of my ice miners today and thought maybe I should ask here first before proceeding to shoo away the competition.

Is this allowed or should I wait for the other guys to apply the scare tactics?

This is not allowed at all. Icerubber you need to send me 100 million isk right now and we will overlook this little situation.


I saw your fleet departing Jita this morning, and had a good laugh. :smile:

… and no, it’s not allowed to just show and not gank.


Be sure to ask for their mining permits and sell them one if they don’t have one. :wink:


An impressive show of farce

Incidently, this is a tactic I was told was impossible by some elite PvErs and PvPers only three days ago.

Well he posted for the very first time on these forums “This is the first time” so he must have received the message.

Completely valid, though I would avoid miner’s who have permits in their bio.

Another tactic you might want to try is to fit up an Stabber Fleet Issue (or a Cynabal or Machariel) with a 500mn MicroWarp Drive and bump the miners at full speed. Most barges, and even Orca’s, will go flying outside of mining/fleet hangar range. This is very frustrating to the miners, as it reduces their ISK/hr and also means they have to engage with the client more than once every few minutes. Most will leave rather quickly.


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