Physically pushed from mining site

I have done some searching on this and couldn’t find anything.

I decided to try mining ice for the first time and trained necessary skills and bought Ice Harvesters and upgrades. The ice site in my system had many people in it mining, which I didn’t mind. They were all from my “corporation” (Caldari Provisions) but I assumed they were in a fleet since there were haulers and what looked like mining foreman burst.

My question is that after 1-2 minutes I was “blown away” from the site at 1000m/s to about 30k away. As I tried to re approach the site I kept getting blown away to over 150K away.

What is that? If it was the fleet, how is that allowed? And are there counter measures?

Thanks for the answers!

Sounds like you were “bumped” away from the ice chunk. Another ship got a run up and rammed you, sending you off. A little cutthroat competition. Seems they want the ice for themselves. Orbiting the asteroid can make that a little harder to do to you.


Ignore the bait.

Even if so, other genuine new players will read it.

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It’s pretty aggressive to bump a solo player out of an ice field. Usually that’s reserved for the guys running a fleet.

Figure out what char/ship is bumping you and whether they are also bothering anyone else. If not, it probably belongs to the char running the fleet.

You could either go somewhere else in Eve, try contacting the fleet leader (probably the orca) and talking him into letting you mine, or retaliate by getting a bumping ship of your own and spend your time bumping his orca or hauler out of range. Then it becomes a game of who is more dedicated.

This is the correct answer.

Can you be “blown 150k” away by bumping? I presume that means 150km and takes quite a while if you just fly…

No not really. Even a decent bumping mach isn’t going to send it even a third or a quarter that far. Likely he was bumped several times to achieve 150km (assuming it’s not a bait post).

OP you should harden up and not let them bump you. Orbit the rock instead of sitting still.

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