Protecting poor, innocent, naive miners

I want to fly a PvP ship to protect miners in certain areas. Can anyone suggest some tactics to do so effectively?


As always, the best advice is to spend some time hunting miners in your preferred areas. Then you will understand what will/won’t work and when.

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In highsec, CONCORD will show up within 20 seconds. You might be able to get on some killmails if you are in exactly the right place at exactly the right time but you’re unlikely to offer much protection.

Bump the bumper might be a fun game if you have the piloting skills but, you would still need to be in the right place at the right time - gankers have complete control over where and when they strike.

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I could see a Talos being good at it with sensor booster scripted to lock fast, you need to kill in less time than gankers can kill their target before concord shows up as said above.

So you need to kill very fast, without being shiny so gankers will try to shoot at you instead of the miners.

Best way to protect miners in highsec is to get them to fit a tank. Preferably while mining in a Procurer/Skiff.

Otherwise, roll the dice and try to ECM the gankers once they go criminal. If the miner isn’t tanked and dies in one or two volleys though, oh well.

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The only legal tank is a permit tank.

Hi-Sec is James 315 territory and all the mining belts belong to him. Mining without a valid permit is against the Halaima Code of Conduct and an act of theft. Failure to follow the Code and have a valid mining permit can result in ships being removed from Hi-Sec. No poor, innocent or naĂŻve miners are killed; only criminals. You can buy a valid permit from any Code agent.

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Your best bet is to try and educate them on how to fly safely

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You can’t help those that don’t want help or are too stupid to be helped. I’ve bumped or gave out intel to gankers on countless retrievers, covetors, macks, and hulks, and what do these idiots do once their ship goes pop? They go right back to mining in the same untanked paper thin hull that just got popped…

As a ganker I can speak from my own experiences - protecting miners isn’t worth it. So far it didn’t help anyone against me and I encountered it several times.

See the problem here is that:

  1. you must be near the miners, you can’t just protect some miners, you can protect only those you will sit on belt, if gankers choose to gank next belt or next door you can’t do anything with that (unless you put alt on each such place but then it will be hard to keep track see 2) Also there is no time to swap ship unless that ship would be in Orca on empty next to you. Once gankers arive to the sector they will instantly warp to target so you can’t dock and undock with pvp ship. Thats too late.
  2. you must play actively and be aware, while your only activity will be stay afk and wait if perhaps some ganker arrives. You have only few seconds to attack them before they die to concord anyway.
  3. you need a ship that can lock very very fast and that can deal high alpha, attack battlecruiser, tornado especially or t3d Loki especially would be the best choice. T3d can also stay cloaked which when I encountered it last time really suprised me, however while he snipped 1 ship instantly it still wasn’t enough to save the hulk so… Alternatively ECM ship, didn’t encountered yet, might work but probably only once, if I know there is ECM ship I will fit anti ECM scripts…

In the end, you will spend up to hours there doing nothing and when gankers come you will almost surely fail to save the miner. So it is kind of pointless activity really…

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You can use a cloaked bomber. With the mids loaded with ECM. Mostly you can focus on Gravimetic because the common gank ship will be the Galente and typically the Catalyst. There is no targeting delay when uncloaking a bomber. So you can stay cloaked and not be spotted by your prey.

  1. you have to be at the belt, waiting for the arrival of the ganker
  2. you can only counter when they go criminal (other you also get concorded)
  3. you’ll only have your cloak for defence
  4. it is thankless, miners will not care - speaking from Blackbird experience
  5. it got nerfed a bit when sensor boosters also grant some ECCM when un-scripted

very cheap t1 frigs as you will probably lose your ship fitted with ewar to break lock and allow miners to get out ,

or, sit in same belt in gank fit catalyst and gank any destroyer you see enter the belt before it can gank a covetor

So moon mining is okay. Thanks for the info.


It is well known that the T2 exhumers have superior tank. Why not donate a number of T2 hulls to various miners?

First off, I applaud your desire to help others. The last thing pirate wannabes need is someone who gives a darn about someone or something other than themselves. Next thing ya know it gets trendy and what’s a Ganker gonna do when people shoot back while they are killing civilian ships?

Your #1 weapon against Gankers is knowledge, gained through experience. Learn a tactic, then counter it. Repeat on next tactic learned. When you get good enough, gankers will honor you by bringing as many of their friends as they can.

  1. Check out Look up by hull type Each of the Mining Frigates, Barges and Exhumers killed. You will likely find active killing areas, these will change.
  2. Make nice with the local miners, create your own intel channel.
  3. Gather intel, who is in WD, who is new, etc…
  4. Select a small patrol area, maybe 2-4 systems connected
  5. Be aware the pilots you fight already have more PvP experience than you, you will lose more than you win at the start. Stick to it, that may change.
  6. Learn to let Concord apply the DPS.
  7. Learn as many Gankers tricks as you can, for example:
  • Spamming Duel challenges
  • Fleet invites [to solo miners]
  • Can Flipping
  • MTU Baiting
  1. Share that information with those you would like to help.

People you are unlikely to save.

  • Can flip victims
  • MTU baited victims [unless you are there to see it]
  • Those accepting Duel invites from strangers
  • Those accepting Fleet invites from strangers
  • WD Targets

This is by no means all inclusive. Just intended as a place to start.

Sincerely appreciate seeing good people trying to help others.


Why bother to give them T2 hulls? They wouldn’t tank them anyway, they’d just fit for max yield and still get ganked. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped, or is too stupid to be helped. If you fit for max yield in a known ganking area, you deserve what you get. Your best two options against gankers are a max-tanked Procurer, and a max-tanked Skiff. Period. That’s it. Any other ship and you are toast, especially if you fit for yield instead of tank. You want to keep that barge? Then you are going to have to sacrifice productivity for survivability. It’s that simple…

The only true protection is fleeting up with them and warping them out as soon as suspicious looking people warp in. They need to be properly set-up and always moving at align speed, or within one second of warping out.

See also:

I eat at least one Kipferl every day. They even have raisins. :blush:

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