Are there any do nots in the. game

i’m about to start playing eve online is there any unspoken rules that i should know about before i start ?

don’t autopilot
don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose
don’t end up being a piece of garbage highsec miner


Fun list of "DO NOT DO’s"

  • Don’t autopilot unless you know when to autopilot.

  • Don’t rely on Warp Core Stabilizers. It may save you today, but it won’t save you tomorrow or ever again.

  • Don’t play music in chat. Not only is the quality of the sound terrible but someone, somewhere will actively hunt you down and explode you for butchering the song in question.

  • Don’t fly capital ships. Just… don’t. They are more trouble than they are worth.

  • Don’t think you are ever alone. You are being watched all the time. Even while docked. And you will never be quite sure if the intent is hostile or otherwise. Fly accordingly.

  • Don’t be afraid of High Security space (1.0 to 0.5 systems).
    It is not as dangerous as some forum threads and “carebears” will have you believe. And yet it is so much more dangerous than you suspect.

  • Don’t think of PvP in terms of blowing up or being blown up. The truth is that you can win any battle through expectations alone. :wink:

  • When joining a fleet, do not talk over the FC (Fleet Commander) or call him a “draconian asshat.” You WILL be kicked from the fleet and blown up.

  • Do not try to avoid CONCORD. Doing so is to invoke the wrath of the Gods (DEVs)

Serious list "DO NOT DOs"

  • Do not use automation. Keybinds are fine though.
    The general rule is “one key, one action.”

  • Do not “recycle” characters. Trashing a character because one does not like them anymore is one thing. Trashing to avoid consequences of things you have done (literally or figuratively) is a “no-no.”

  • Do not fixate your attention on one player and then spend all your time making that player’s gameplay terrible. That is harassment.
    This is very different from one-off attacking a player, attacking the same player in a corporation you are at war with, or a player constantly jumping into your gatecamp. These are fine.

  • Real Money Trading is an absolute “no-no.”
    How can you distinguish between legit stuff and RMT?
    Simple: PLEX only comes from the CCP/EVE account management page or their list of authorized vendors.
    Ships and modules cannot be bought directly with real money (e.g.: If you see a ship that you can buy for $5.99… that is probably RMT)

  • Do not take the game too seriously. It is a game. And there are winners and losers in a game. Now crack a joke, get back in there, and try to win!

  • Do not look at your ship as “irreplaceable.” Explosions are pretty and everything can be replaced. Everything.

  • Don’t become complacent or focus so much on one activity that you know nothing about any other activities. Everything ties together and being ignorant will not help you.

  • Don’t be a “carebear.”
    Managing risky situations is okay. Being skilled at avoiding risky situations is ideal.
    But whining about fairness and asking for mechanics to be changed because you do not want to change your playstyle (or adapt in general) will earn you a “carebear” stamp.

  • Do not be an asshat.

  • Do not stay in the same area of space forever. Stretch out a bit. Venture into Low Security systems (0.4 to 0.1 space) and spelunk into a Wormhole or two.
    Such places are less dangerous than people say they are… until they aren’t. :wink:

  • Don’t let the game take over your life. Always remember: Real Life comes first.


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ok thx

Do not forget that eve is a game with pixels, about spaceships shooting/competing against each others. The guys who ganked you are probably, in real life, nice guys you could drink a beer with.

Don’t focus on isks/h. Eve is not a job where your aim is to earn isks, it is a game you are supposed to play to have fun. Isks are there to fund your activities, and to give a value to what you loose/destroy, which increases the sense of danger and gives a particular taste to what you do.

Never not read (= READ IT!) the motd of the fleet you have just joined, which will prevent you from getting “read motd” when you ask stupid questions like "ship type? can someone link the fit? which comms? fleet staging? "…

and if you are asking for “do not” rules about the way you can behave, eve is a sandbox, so be what you like: you CAN be a spy, a betrayer, a pirat, a ganker, a scammer, a white knight protecting others, a greedy trader,… just be ready to take responsibility for the consequences of your actions




That sounded like it came from a personal experience…


Honestly, the only real Do-Not’s! would be:

  1. Threatening someone out of game.
  2. Targeting someone because of out of game reasons (meme’ing is fine, vendetta level grudge not so much)
  3. Shooting pilots at Cyno Vigils (when real ppl pass away, pilots that knew them like to hold vigils for them where even enemy pilots are allowed safe passage to light a cyno in respect. Do not be a dick during those which are rare anways)

The rest of the do-not’s aren’t quite as bad. Mistakes will be made because you are new and if ppl have a huge issue with that, it’s not your fault. They just need to take the time to teach you in the moment or afterward.
Just my two cents for whatever they are worth.



thx all for the advice and i know that this will help me out in the game :slight_smile:

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All I will say is that it was warranted and I have no regrets. :sunglasses:


This is partially incorrect with the add-ons of Alpha Clones, if you trash your sec status, you can recycle, rinse and repeat…

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  • Always assume someone’s out of your league, so you will always put your best efforts into your actions. Loudmouths show signs of insecurity and short williedness and always get the respect they require slapped right into it.

You likely can word this better than I can.

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Agreed, but it can be difficult to reword nonsense.

You should try not to move your emotional baggage from one thread …
… into another.

I’m sorry for calling you a Simpleton.

@Solstice_Projekt you should pay him PLEX if you’re truly sorry. Apparently every kind of forum interaction requires some kind of PLEX transaction with you.

Nono, that’s just you specifically. You’re special. : - )

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I’m going to use this as a (completely out-of-context) “endorsement” when I run for CSM16. Thank you :heart:

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In that case, what is your position regarding sun glare, Archer?